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Mouldings and Trim for Lexus RX330

The Lexus RX330 crossover SUV offers just the right amount of style and power combined with a smooth, dependable drive -- thanks to the 3.3-liter V6 engine. Trim and molding for the Lexus RX 330 model comes in a number of different styles, and each piece serves a slightly different purpose by highlighting different features on the Lexus. With a wide selection of mouldings and trim, you can find the replacement parts that you need for your Lexus RX330.

What types of trim are there?

Several different styles of trim can be found for the Lexus RX 330, including pillar posts, window trim, fender molding, rocker panels, side body molding, bumper trim, tailgate trim, and deflectors, among other options.

  • Different kinds of deflectors are styled to prevent wind, water, and bugs from getting into the Lexus RX 330, especially when it is moving quickly. These are pieces of plastic that mimic the windows’ curves. They are mounted above the windows to act as overhangs and are typically found in colors like clear, black, and grey.
  • Tailgate trim is installed on the back of the vehicle and usually comes in metallic shades. A horizontal bar may rest over the place where the license plate sits. This trim may highlight different metallic features on the back of the Lexus. Bumper trim does the opposite; it is installed under the grille or vent on the front of the Lexus RX 330. Bumper molding is also typically metallic and may enhance the grille or vent.
  • Rocker panels are chunky pieces of trim that are installed at the very bottom of the Lexus’s sides. They serve to highlight the car’s silhouette. Body side molding is characteristically skinnier and sits further up on the car, about mid-way down the doors. Body molding and rocker panels can be utilized together or individually to define the car’s shape.
  • Fender molding sits just above the Lexus RX 330’s wheel wells. Normally metallic, it may bring out features like hubcaps, wheels, and tires. Fender trim is curved and mirrors the shape of the car at the points which it sits.
  • Pillar posts are installed vertically down the middle of side windows. Window trim lines the rest of the glass on the sides of the Lexus RX 330. Together, the pieces create a comprehensive border. They are often metal or matte in finish, and serve to compliment the car’s paint job.
How do you clean mouldings?

Moldings can be cleaned with a mix of warm water and soap. Apply the solution to the moldings, rub until debris disappears, and then rinse them with clean water. Dry the moldings with a soft, clean cloth. You may decide to polish trim in order to preserve shine and protection. To do this, apply polish in a circular motion with a dry cloth. Repeat the process with a second dry cloth in order to remove any extra polish.