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Mouldings and Trim for Subaru Legacy

Subaru Legacy exterior moldings and trim are available in all different styles, including pillar posts, window trim, fender trim, rocker panels, side molding, bumper and trunk trim, and hitch covers. Different parts serve to emphasize different aspects of the Legacy. A variety of finishes allows for catering to individual aesthetic tastes.

What are qualities of pillar posts and window trim?

Pillar posts and trim work together to frame glass on the sides of a Subaru Legacy. Pillar posts line the middle column while window trim decorates the rest of the border around glass. Pillars and moulding are typically a different color than the Legacy’s paint job in order to contrast and bring attention to the vehicle’s glass. Chrome, other metals, and patent black are common selections for pillars and window moulding.

What does fender moulding do?

Fender moulding is typically installed at the base of a Legacy directly over wheel wells. These pieces of bordering help to define the vehicle’s wheels and tires. These may be especially prominent if the vehicle has individualized hubcaps or wheels with a specific pattern in the spokes. Fender moulding is almost always a contrasting color or texture from the rest of the car.

How do rocker panels work?

Rocker panels line the sides of a Legacy at the very bottom of the car. They go under the doors, or if doors run all the way down the car, over the doors. Metallic hues are common for rocker moulding. These pieces define the bottom of the car and accentuate any other detailing in the same hue.

What is the function of side molding?

Side molding is typically similar to rocker moulding except slightly thinner. It sits further up the car, along the ridge where the bottom starts to curve downward. This typically falls about mid-way down the Subaru’s doors. Molding at the middle of the car accentuates any other of the same metallic finishes throughout.

How do bumper and trunk moulding work?

Bumper and trunk moldings adorn the front and back of the Legacy, respectively. Bumper moulding highlights the grill and front bumper of the car. Trunk molding fits around the tailgate to emphasize the Subaru’s paint job. The two options can work independently or in conjunction to bookend the vehicle.

What are some qualities of hitch covers?

Hitch covers are made to cover a trailer hitch with a decorative finish. Some feature slogans while others utilize icons or images. Some feature the Subaru font or logo. Trailer hitch covers can be removed when you need to utilize the part and switched out or replaced as often as desired.