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Moldings and Trim for Toyota 4Runner

Toyota 4Runner exterior molding and trim styles include pillars, window molding, fender molding, rockers, side molding, bumper trim, and wind deflectors. Its important to note the trim of your Toyota to ensure your accessory fits; most molding designs are available in a variety of metal and contrasting finishes to stand out against a Toyotas paint job. Cleaning your trim regularly helps it to stay shiny and protected.

What are some qualities of pillars and window molding?

Pillars run down the middle of side glass to accentuate the Toyota 4Runners features. Often pillars are made from chrome or another textile that contrasts boldly with the vehicles paint job. Molding runs around the rest of the glass to help define the entire portion of glass. This serves to attract attention to the Toyota 4Runners details.

What is the purpose of fender molding?

Fender molding sits above the Toyotas wheel wells to define the tires and hubcaps. Contrasting material helps to bring the eye toward shiny rims and lifted tires if the driver desires that particular aesthetic. With that said, fender molding can be used with any type of wheel and tire combination.

Why do rocker panels and side molding exist?

Rocker panels sit on the bottom of the Toyota 4Runners side to accentuate the bottom of the car. This contrasting strip at the very lowest part can add to the vehicles perceived size and make it seem larger than it is. Side molding may serve a similar purpose. It sits further up on the side of the car, near where the vehicle starts to change shape and curve toward the lower half.

What are the functions of bumper trim and wind deflectors?

Bumper trim allows for the accentuation of the back or front of the vehicle by surrounding the bumper with a contrasting color. Wind deflectors are pieces of curved plastic installed over the tops of windows; they are designed to protect, so when they are cracked or opened slightly, the driver or passenger is not pelted with incoming air or rain.

How do you clean moldings?

Moldings are typically cleaned as a product of regular car washes. However, they can also be cleaned separately.

  1. Start by mixing warm water and gentle soap together in a bucket without any harsh chemicals or bleaching agents.
  2. Mix the solution thoroughly and apply it to a soft sponge.
  3. Wipe the exterior molding until it is free of dirt and debris.
  4. Rinse the molding with clean water and dry it with a soft cloth. You may polish the exterior molding by applying polish with a dry, soft cloth in a clockwise or counter clockwise motion.
  5. Repeat the same process with another cloth to remove any excess polish.