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Chevrolet S10 Racks

The Chevrolet S10 was the first compact pickup truck in the United States. It was later named the GMC Sonoma and Isuzu Hombre. Although this truck has a smaller bed size, many Chevrolet S10 racks and configurations are available to help you get the most of this smaller-sized pickup.

What is the bed size of the S10?

It is important to know the inside and outside dimensions of your pickup when planning to install a rack system. The original Chevrolet S10 four-door model had an inside bed length of 54.5 inches x 56.375 inches. In 1994, a Chevrolet model was introduced that had a longer bed of 72.375 inches x 56.625 inches. An extended bed version was produced between 1994 and 2004 that had an inside bed dimension of 88.375 inches x 56.625 inches.

What types of roof racks are available for Chevy S10?
  • Cargo Boxes: These boxes are available in either a hard-shell or soft-shell design. They attach the top of the cab by way of a rail system or by tethers and ties. Hard-shell boxes are aerodynamic and thin.
  • Cargo Baskets: These baskets also attach to the top of the vehicles cab using a rail system. They consist of a basket that can be used to hold soft items, such as duffel bags, sleeping bags, tents, and other similar items that can be tied down with bungee cords or cargo netting. These are an excellent solution for someone who only needs to haul a small load with their car.
Can you haul ladders and contractor equipment with these racks?

Several different types of ladder racks are available to meet the needs of professionals and contractors such as adjustable racks that mount to the top of the bed liner and can fit any size bed. There are also systems available that allow them to be used on trucks that have a topper and some models that extend from the back of the bed over the top of the cab, allowing you to carry longer ladders.

Ladder rack systems allow you to have full use of the space underneath them for other tools and equipment. There is also a full line of toolboxes available that will allow you to maximize and organize the available space. The number of configurations for Chevrolet S10 rack systems is almost endless.

What racks are available for carrying sports equipment?

A number of different rack options are available for those who are sports-minded, including racks that are specially designed for carrying canoes and many different sizes of kayaks. Ski and snowboard racks are also available.

The Chevrolet S10 can also be fitted with surfboard racks and bike racks that mount to the rear, on the roof, and in the bed of an S10. Additionally, there is a rack that allows you to convert the back of your S10 into a tent or canopy.