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Chevrolet Tahoe Racks

Expand the cargo capacity of your full-size Chevrolet Tahoe LS or Premier by installing a roof or side rack. An additional rack setup for gear and luggage could provide a practical cargo enhancement solution for your vehicle. Equip your SUV or truck with this feature so that as the driver, you can bring more with you on family vacations.

How does a rack enhance the Chevrolet Tahoe?
  • More passenger room: A full-size unit like the Chevy can fit around 8 people at maximum passenger capacity. Passenger seating could be enhanced with a roof rack as you wouldnt have to store as much in the trunk or passenger seats.
  • Storage solution: Packing up for the family on a long drive or camping trip could be a challenge. Aside from your personal backpack, enough room for an assortment of camping or outdoor gear is often needed. A solution would be a rack add-on that can secure bikes, kayaks, and skis.
What types of racks are there?

There are several rack options for the 6-speed automatic transmission drive Chevrolet model. A Tahoe driver can choose a flush type, which is closely clamped onto the SUVs roof. They can also go for the raised version, which has a gap between the vehicle roof and bars. A typical rack mount system consists of a pair of bars, towers, clamps and other installation parts. An adapter may be included in the kit so gear can be secured to the rack.

The basic Tahoe has foldable seats that can be stowed for additional storage space. Larger equipment, such as sports bikes, kayaks, and surfboards, can be strapped to the roof rack to free up more space.

What factors should you consider when looking for a rack?

Adding a roof rack to the Chevrolet SUV often requires a complete mounted installation kit. Here are some factors to consider when installing a Tahoe specific rack.

  • Preferred set-up: There are several cargo enhancement solutions for the Chevrolet. These include a roof rack or side rail set-up, which can be used to sling recreational bikes and other gear.
  • Weight considerations: Always check the weight and load capacity of the preferred roof rack for your Chevrolet. Identify the pound to foot ratio of your Chevrolet Tahoe vehicle before installing anything on the roof.
  • Rack enhancements: Adding a waterproof carrier to your Tahoe rack provides secure coverage for your bags and equipment. These carriers can protect your stuff from being exposed to the elements. This is especially useful in places with unpredictable weather.