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Jeep Grand Cherokee Racks

Whether youre headed off to college, going away for a weekend adventure, or taking the family on vacation, installing a roof rack offers benefits. Aside from giving you more space inside the vehicle, or allowing you to carry twice as much cargo, a rack centers excess weight better. Your luggage or sporting equipment will also be a lot safer when its securely strapped to the top of your Jeep Grand Cherokee.

How do you choose the right roof rack?

Roof racks fall under three classifications: factory, universal, or permanent. Factory racks are available pre-installed as a feature or can be ordered and installed later. Universal racks are aftermarket features that are removable and should fit any four-door vehicle. Permanent racks are bolted to the top of your Jeep and should be chosen to fit your Grand Cherokee and baggage transportation requirements. In addition to many styles and extra features, there are three basic types of rooftop racks:

  • Raised rail: Attached to the top edge and raised about an inch, this is the most common variety.
  • Flush rail: Nearly invisible, with hidden grooves to attach crossbars, these offer a more streamlined appearance.
  • Half rails: Parallel side rails that run along the length of the rooftop, these eliminate the need for crossbars.
How do you select a roof rack for a Cherokee?

Unless you have a specific Jeep Grand Cherokee roof rack for your model year, youll need to measure the top of your vehicle first. Designs that attach to the door frames require measurement from front to back and from the farthest possible point from door to door across the top. Roof-mounted frames need only consider the shape of the roof and outer edges of available space. Other things to think about include height and obstruction. Installation is usually as easy as lining up the mounts, positioning the rack correctly and bolting or screwing them in place.

Whats the weight limit for a Grand Cherokee roof rack?

Different rack manufacturers have different specs, with a range between 150 - 165 pounds, evenly distributed. If you have a sun or moonroof, that limit is reduced to less than 100 pounds. Your owners manual will list the specific weight limit for your vehicle.

What are some features available on Grand Cherokee luggage racks?

Accessories are what really add to the function and flexibility of your Jeep Grand Cherokee roof-top rack. Popular options include:

  • Roof baskets
  • Closable cargo carriers
  • Ski or snowboard racks
  • Bike carriers
  • Kayak carriers
  • Lights