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Subaru Forester Racks

Many different styles of Subaru Forester storage racks are available, including bike racks, roof cargo baskets and boxes, ski and snowboard models, canoe and kayak carriers, and base rack systems. Different racks are more or less specialized, depending on the type of cargo they are designed to carry. Forester racks are crafted from a variety of metals and plastics.

What types of bike racks are available?

Subaru bike racks can sit several different places on a Subaru Forester. Options include trailer hitch, roof, and tailgate-mounted styles. Trailer hitch racks require a bar to stick out from the back of the vehicle where a trailer hitch would be installed. A series of poles are installed at that location, and bicycles are strapped to them securely. Roof bike racks entail two pieces of metal or durable plastic installed parallel to each other for bicycle frames to be attached to. Often the front bike wheels must be removed. Some bike racks fit onto the Subaru’s hatchback. Straps attach around the tailgate for security and stability.

What kinds of roof cargo baskets exist?

Subaru Forester roof cargo baskets are a series of thinner, round pieces of metal that form a grid with low sides. The grid serves to attach cargo to the Forester’s roof via bungee cords and other sorts of fasteners. Duffles, hard cases, and organizers are some of the options that can be strapped to the roof by way of a cargo basket.

What are qualities of ski and snowboard racks?

Subaru ski and snowboard racks are typically mounted to the car’s roof due to the length of the apparatus. Typically, two short pieces of metal are attached perpendicular to the vehicle on the roof. One piece is at the front of the car’s roof and one at the rear. There are two sets of guides that stick up into the air, and snowboards or skis are settled between these guides to support them. Finally, the equipment is fastened with straps.

What kinds of boat, base racks, and boxes are options?
  • Forester canoe and kayak models function similarly to ski racks, except that boats typically travel on their sides sticking up into the air rather than flat to the car’s roof. This is simply due to the size and shape of the cargo.
  • Subaru Forester base rack systems are generalized foundations for lots of different racks. They entail two or three large, flat pieces of metal capped with plastic that are installed on the Forester’s roof. Racks or bungees can be attached to help carry a wide array of different types of cargo.
  • Subaru Forester roof cargo boxes are plastic or metal shells that hold bags and suitcases among other supplies. These shells are strapped to apparatus that resembles the base rack systems described previously.