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FELCO Pruning Shears and Snips

Pruning shears and snips can help gardeners tend to their gardens. FELCO pruners are available in different styles to take on different jobs. These gardening tools are available in models of different weights for larger and smaller hands, as well as ergonomic designs.

What materials are FELCO shears and snips made from?

FELCO pruners are made from composite fiber, rubber, and hardened-steel blades. The rubber handles allow for a non-slip grip while pruning, which can reduce the risk of slipping due to sweat.

What styles are available in FELCO pruners and trimmers?

There are several different types of tools. Examples include:

  • Manual hand pruner: This is a classic hand tool for any gardener. It has a rubber grip and grooves for your fingers. The manual hand pruner also locks for safety.
  • Ergonomic compact bypass pruner: This tool is designed to be gripped from side to side rather than up and down. It features rubber handles and a lock for the blades.
  • Felco 7 bypass pruner: This model includes a wire-cutting notch for small wires.
  • Felco 600 hand saw: This serrated saw folds into the handle for storage. The handle has a rubberized grip.
How can you take care of FELCO pruner blades?

With a dry cloth, wipe down the blades of pruners after use. For models 7, 10, and 12, you can use oil for the springs and revolving shafts to help prevent squeaks and rust. Finally, if it becomes difficult to cut plants, sharpening the blades can help.

What are the differences between basic, ergonomic, and essential models?
  • Essential models are the same, just for smaller hands versus larger hands. They are meant to perform all the basic functions of pruners with specially designed technology and to account for hand size.
  • Basic models come in one-size-fits-all and do not include the same composite material on handles. For this mode, handles are made of one type of rubber. Basic models are available in six different styles for accomplishing different types of pruning.
  • Ergonomic models are also built in different styles to accomplish different jobs, but have specially shaped handles for encouraging proper wrist alignment.
What specialized features do snips have?

Snippers come to a narrower point at the ends of blades than pruners do. This is designed to give them accuracy when working with small stems and flowers.

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