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Panama Jack Fedora Hats for Men

Panama Jack manufactures a number of clothing items, including a line of men’s hats that are modeled after the traditional fedora. Panama Jack hats combine an irreverent sense of fashion with optimal sun protection. They're great for all seasons, and they're suitable for a wide array of styles.

What styles do Panama Jack hats come in?

Panama Jack manufactures headwear in a variety of materials, colors, and styles from classic canvas safari toppers to rakish straw fedoras.

  • Black Canvas Fedora: Is it a safari hat, or is it a fedora? Well, it’s both. This black safari fedora is made of sail cloth, and it has triple grommets on either side to keep your head well-ventilated on even the most tropical days. A stylish buckled band sporting the Panama Jack branding tops a two-and-three-eighths-inch brim.
  • Canvas Safari Hat With Straps: Think of this company's safari hat as a fedora with straps. Like the original Panama hat, this topper can be compacted to fit into a small carrying space, but it’s made of lightweight, resilient nylon mesh instead of straw. The chin strap is also made of nylon and boasts an adjustable toggle. A three-inch brim keeps the sun off your face. This hat comes in a medium, large, or extra-large size and in fossil, ivory, or navy colors.
  • Raffia Straw Fedora Hat: This Panama Jack fedora is made from raffia, which is a type of straw that’s harvested from palm trees that grow in Madagascar. Its open weave allows for plenty of ventilation on a hot and humid day, and its brim can be folded up or down.

Are Panama Jack hats classic Panama hats?

While all toppers manufactured by the Panama Jack company are stylish accessories, some are modeled after traditional Panama hats, and some are not. Traditional Panama hats are made of straw that’s been harvested from a palm-like plant called the toquilla, and they’re made in Ecuador.

Panama hats are practical toppers because if their weave is fine enough, they can be rolled up and stuffed in a pocket without damaging the hat. In fact, there is a scoring system associated with the weaves of Panama hats. The finer the weave, the higher the score. The finest woven Panama hats are called Montecristis.

Most Panama Jack’s Panama fedoras are crafted out of Japanese toyo straw and include a jaunty twill band above their one-and-a-half-inch brims. They’re available in medium or large sizes in either brown or khaki.