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Feliway Cat Pheromone Sprays and Plug-Ins

Cats can become easily stressed when there are changes to their environment, such as a move to a new place or the addition of a new cat or other family member. Stressed cats may demonstrate certain negative behaviors, including scratching or urine spraying. Feliway, made by Ceva, is a lab-made copy of a pheromone that felines naturally produce to help calm themselves.

What types of Feliway are available?

The product comes in two forms: sprays and plug-in diffusers.

  • Feliway spray: Feliway, in spray form, is generally used to stop destructive behaviors that may be caused by stress or territorial reasons.
  • Feliway diffuser: Diffusers constantly release calming pheromones to reduce the overall stress levels for pets. A plug-in diffuser from Feliway may be recommended to keep the peace in multi-cat households and create an environment that is calm.
How can Feliway be used to stop urine spraying?

Many cat owners may find their pet's uncontrolled urine spraying to be overwhelming. However, using Feliway cat pheromone sprays and plug-ins as instructed may help solve the problem.

  • Areas where the cat is urinating should be cleaned with a non-biological washing powder or surgical spirits mixed with water. Cleaning urine by using bleach or other strong-smelling disinfectants could interfere with the synthetic pheromones and dilute the comfort zone effects.
  • Shake the spray bottle and apply eight to 10 pumps of the spray directly to the spot where the pet has been urinating. Wait 15 minutes before letting animals back into the room.
  • Continue to use the spray for 30 days even if the cat stops urinating in that spot.
  • When bringing in new furniture or other home items that could become a target for the pet, spray with Feliway for two weeks or until the pet rubs its head on the object.
  • If electronics or appliances are the cat's target, ensure that the appliances are off and unplugged before applying the spray.
How long does Feliway last?

While both the spray and the diffuser or plug-in are formulated to help create a comfort zone for your cat, the products do last for different amounts of time:

  • Feliway spray: The effects should last approximately four to five hours to prevent scratching, spraying, and other marking behaviors. The spray can be reapplied as needed to keep a comfort zone in the room.
  • Feliway diffuser or plug-in: The Feliway diffuser refill bottles should continue to create a comfort zone for about four weeks. If the refill bottles last longer than four weeks, consider replacing the plug-in.
Does Feliway affect humans?

Pheromones are species-specific, meaning feline ones will not have any effects on humans, dogs, or other pets you may have in your home. All pheromones are designed to serve a specific purpose, but they all also create a feeling of comfort for pets. For example, the pheromones excreted from the face send calming signals to other cats that your cat may come into contact with.