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Chevrolet Equinox Fenders

Fenders are installed in the wheel wells of your vehicle to protect it from mud, rocks, or other debris that may be kicked up by your tires. In the case of a collision or accident, certain types of fenders can protect the front end and the engine of your vehicle. Since there are many different styles of fenders available for the Chevrolet Equinox compact SUV, you should consider the variety of safety features and the design that you want before purchasing.

What materials are Chevrolet Equinox fenders made of?
  • Fiberglass: This type of material provides a lower level of engine protection, but it weighs less than a metal fender. It allows for increased fuel efficiency since it is not heavy. These fenders will not rust, and they are economical for your Equinox.
  • Metal: Most metal fenders are either steel or aluminum, and they usually match the style of the Equinoxs body. These are the most common, durable, and protective of all fender types. They are slightly heavier than most other fender materials.
  • Carbon-fiber: This fender material is not very common. Carbon-fiber fenders are stronger than metal fenders, but they are lighter than fiberglass. Since carbon fiber is non-corrosive, it should last for several years in most weather conditions.
What are the types of Chevrolet Equinox fenders?
  • Street style: This fender is typically custom fit to your Equinox. It attaches to the Chevrolets wheel well, and it appears to be more narrow than other fender styles. Street-style fenders offer high levels of protection for your tires and engine.
  • Cut-out style: This fender style highlights the tire, and it is usually installed aftermarket. These are most often installed to create a sportier look for your Chevrolet Equinox.
  • Rivet style: This is the most common style of fender. The rivets add a tough, sporty appearance to the Equinox. It is generally easy to install. Rivet-style fenders are also very durable, so they are suitable for both cold and warm temperatures.
  • Fender trim: Although trim does not add as much protection as other types of fenders, it provides your Chevrolet with a more polished appearance. It is typically offered in several customized designs, styles, and colors.
  • Fender skirts: Skirts are vehicular additions that extend lower than the regular fender and protect the upper part of the wheel against harsh weather conditions. They reduce wind drag, increase mileage, and may enhance your vehicles performance. Fender skirts are great for Chevy Equinox owners who seek both style and functionality.