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Chevrolet S-10 Fenders

The Chevrolet S-10 is a truck designed to handle a heavy workload while delivering the style the manufacturer is known for. The performance of any S-10 relies upon the fenders, as they decrease air resistance while in motion and also protect your vehicle from minor bumps and scratches. To preserve this look and functionality, it may become necessary to repair or replace these Chevrolet S-10 fenders, but before you do so, get to know the basics about them.

Can you fit other truck fenders on an S10?

Good practices suggest adhering to specifications set by the manufacturer. The fenders on an S-10 are created to protect the front, back, and sides of your truck and ensure it has the least wind resistance in motion. If you are looking to modify the look of your vehicle, there are a number of fiberglass options to choose from.

How do you replace S-10 fenders?

To replace a fender on your Chevrolet S-10, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the radiator grille and front bumper end cap, then the hood, battery, and coolant reservoir.
  2. Remove the bolts that connect this component to your truck to areas near the front, such as the radiator and parts next to the engine.
  3. Remove the different lines connected to the part and carefully pull away the part.
  4. Line up the replacement piece in place of the old with a jack to support it and then insert the bolts where they were previously located.
  5. Replace the S-10 reservoir, battery, and hood as well as the front bumper and radiator grille. Make sure each is secured properly to your S-10 and the fiberglass on your Chevy lines up.
Will you need replacement fenders if you get larger wheels?

Though your S-10 wheel wells will hold larger sized wheels and tires, it is appropriate to check with your manufacturer before purchasing a replacement set to ensure a fit. If you do decide to buy a larger set, however, it is possible to change your fenders to accommodate many replacement tire sizes, though larger sizes may also require a lift kit.

Will fiberglass parts crack in extreme weather?

Every component of your S-10 is designed to be resilient and last through wind, rain, and snow. Fiberglass is used because it is a durable material to resist weathering. While the paint and coats on components such as the hood keep them safe, fiberglass is created from tiny plastic particles mixed with the same coating as the rest of the vehicle and will remain intact outside for years.