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Ford LTD Fenders

Fenders prevent rocks, sand, and mud from being kicked up by spinning wheels. Many automobile accessory companies use commercial-grade materials to design each fender, and this can strengthen the fender frame. In many cases, Ford LTD fenders are measured for specific Ford vehicles and the edges of the housing can be mounted in place without using special tools, while some housing options are designed with drilled spaces for bolts.

What Ford LTD fender options are available?

Most fender products are built for the front of a specific vehicle or model. These OEM product options are suitable for motorists who need a front fender extension. Aftermarket fenders are available if you want a specific material, such as carbon fiber or aluminum.

What features do the fenders have?

Fenders that are designed for Ford cars that were built from 1975 to 1978 will have a special housing that has a gap for a tail light. Due to the way cars were built in the 1970s, you should look for a fender that is compatible with the headlights. Some vintage fenders may also have unique features that can make a classic car stand out. One type of vintage fender options, for example, is constructed with a convenient space for cornering lamps.

What materials can fenders be made of?

Fenders that are either made for the LTD or that are compatible with the LTD are made out of metal or a similar material. Depending on the fender you get, that material could be:

  • ABS plastic
  • Fiberglass
  • Carbon fiber
  • Aluminum
  • Steel
What other options are available?

LTD fender pieces for strategic mod projects are options for casual motorists. These arch extension accessory pieces are made of rubber, and the process of mounting these fender parts on an automobile is meant to be easy. The 46-inch components that are included with an arch extension kit are flexible, so you can secure the flare pieces on a typical Ford vehicle. Designer accessories are also available. Some fenders have emblem accessories for extra flair. Bolts that are specifically designed to hold fender accessories in place are options as well.

What road conditions can these fenders handle?

Sporty and contemporary fenders for automobiles are made with commercial-grade polyurethane material. Underneath a typical fender, there is rugged material that has a practical coating. This coating is meant to protect the product when a vehicle travels on dusty roads. The material under an LTD fender is designed so that pebbles, high heat, and other hazards wont harm the fender.

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