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Volkswagen Jetta Fenders

Fenders are responsible for protecting your Volkswagen Jetta from rocks, mud, and other debris kicked up from the road by the tires. Some fenders types also protect the engine, front fascia, and rear end of your vehicle in case of a collision. Multiple fender materials and designs are available for your Volkswagen Jetta, so it’s important to consider the style and protective features you desire when you want a replacement.

What materials are Volkswagen Jetta fenders made of?
  • Metal: Most factory manufactured fenders for the Volkswagen are made out of steel to match the vehicular body. Metal fenders are very durable, which makes them a good fender choice for Jetta model owners. These are slightly heavier than other materials, but they provide a high level of protection against debris and during collisions.
  • Carbon fiber: While this material is not widely available, it provides more protection than steel and weighs less than fiberglass. Carbon fiber on your VW also resists rusting and corroding, meaning it will last for many years before needing to be replaced.
  • Fiberglass: Although fiberglass provides less protection and longevity than factory manufactured steel fenders, they provide increased gas mileage and efficiency due to the lightweight properties. These also will not rust or corrode easily and are used as replacement parts.
What are the types of Volkswagen Jetta fenders?
  • Inner fenders: This style works with your factory installed VW fenders by acting as a splash shield and wheel well liner. Although they provide little visual change, they still add a large amount of protection to your Volkswagen.
  • Factory style fender flares: These give your Jetta extra protection from debris by wrapping underneath the car body completely. Although they are aftermarket additions, they still provide an original factory appearance.
  • Smooth fender flares: These are both aesthetically pleasing and protective. They extend down past the original fender length to provide extra coverage to the wheel well and car body.
  • Pocket fender flares: Pocket flares provide extra debris and collision protection for your model sedan. The bolted accents allow for a more rugged, sporty Volkswagen appearance.
  • Flexible fender flares: Flexible flares on a Volkswagen offer the easiest installation but slightly less protection than other fender styles. They are typically a common choice and great for vehicles prone to mud, sand, and other light wear and tear.
  • Fender trim: While these offer less protection than factory style fenders, they still provide a sleek appearance for your Jetta sedan. Choose from multiple colors and styles for the optimum customization experience.