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Find a Garden Marquee to Tent Your Event

Garden marquees are tents that you can host an event in. They come in many sizes and styles to use for weddings, graduation parties, musical events, and more. eBay offers a wide variety of new and used garden marquees and tents for hosting everything from a casual garden party to a formal wedding.

What styles of garden tents are available?

These inexpensive outdoor structures come in several shapes, including:

  • Pole Tent: This party tent is supported by many poles and guy wires, creating an elegant silhouette.
  • Frame Tent: This type of tent is supported by a metal frame and can be set up on many surfaces, making it more practical than the pole tent.
  • Marquee Tent: This is a cross between a pole tent and a frame tent. It offers some of the elegance of the pole tent but has the practicality of the frame tent.
  • Hex Marquee: This tent is named for the six legs that support the fabric canopy.
What materials are garden tents made of?

Depending on the style of the garden marquee, the party tent will have either ropes and stakes or a metal framework. The canopy and walls can be made with any of several materials, including:

  • Polythyelene: This heavy-duty, plastic-coated ripstop material is UV-stabilized and fire-rated.
  • PVC: This UV-stabilized, fire-rated plastic material has hook-and-loop sides.
  • Ripstop PVC: This is PVC coated with a crosshatch weave that's waterproof.
  • Canvas: Made of cotton or a cotton-polyester blend, this has a natural look but isn't waterproof.
What features do marquees have?

The types of features that a garden marquee can have depends on the style. Some have windows and glazing so guests at your party can see outside, and some even have doors that can be added when it's cold. Lighting options such as string lights and spotlights can be added to the framework and poles of a garden tent. Additionally, floating floors can be placed inside the garden tent.

Can garden tents be used in any weather?

Some marquee tents can be used in many types of temperatures and precipitation conditions. Many are waterproof, and some kinds can accommodate heaters to keep the inside of the garden tent warm. Canvas tents are sometimes used when the weather is warm and dry because although they aren't waterproof, they can be beautiful.