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Garmin Avionics GPS

If you are a pilot with your own personal aircraft, a reliable GPS system will help to get you where youre going in an accurate and efficient manner. GPS systems are essential to flight safety. The Garmin avionics GPS is designed to meet your needs for aircraft navigation.

What is the purpose of a Garmin GPS for aviation?

Global Positioning Systems offer continuous satellite navigation that is accurate. When a global positioning system is in use during a flight, it will enable continuous positioning determinations from when the plane departs from the airport runway to when it lands at its destination and taxis through the airport roads to the gate. GPS satellites are powered by the sun and are in orbit above the earth. The avionics Global Positioning System by Garmin gets its data from those satellites. Here are some other features of a Garmin Global Positioning System that is designed for use on a plane:

  • These aviation Global Positioning Systems use a wide-area augmentation system, aka WAAS, to provide accurate navigation.
  • The screen displays active air-traffic systems.
  • You can see the current weather conditions on a Global Positioning System screen as you are traveling by plane.
What are the components of a Garmin Global Positioning System?

These components are included in an avionics Global Positioning System by Garmin:

  • ADS-B Option: This is a Federal Aviation Administration standard protocol. It will promote a safer flight. All avionics Global Positioning Systems by Garmin will either include this ADS-B option, or they can be upgraded to include it.
  • Integrated Flight System: This is an optional part of the GPS system that can be used to replace a conventional system on a plane.
  • Audio Components: You will have a way to communicate with your passengers as well as air traffic control with this feature.
  • Display Screens: These screens will show the air traffic in the vicinity of the airplane and also display weather conditions.
Why should you use a Garmin Global Positioning System?

Here are the reasons to use Global Positioning Systems by Garmin while flying an aircraft:

  • These navigational systems are usable anywhere in the world.
  • Global Positioning Systems have a reputation for being precise and accurate.
  • There is ease of use and errors are rare with these systems.
  • Pilots can fly from one point to another directly, saving time and fuel.
  • The ability to incorporate Global Positioning Systems with other systems on a plane makes it an important part of a safe trip.