Gas and Oil Advertising Patches

For nearly a century, gas and oil companies have been adding their logos to employees clothing. The logos may come in the form of of an iron-on patch, or they can be embroidered into the clothing. As companies change their patch designs, some of the logos inevitably go out of print and become collectors items.

What are the measurements of a typical patch?

Many patches are roughly 3 by 3 or 3 by 2 inches. However, there is no standardized size in the oil industry, and sizes will vary depending on the company and their logo. The following list contains a random sample of vintage patch sizes (all measurements in inches).

  • 3 by 2
  • 3 by 3
  • 5 by 10 (this is a larger, back of the jacket patch)
  • 2 by 4
  • 3 by 3
How far back can an oil patch be found from?

This will also vary as many of the patches are out of print.

  • 1960s-present: Patches with logos from this era tend to be plentiful, though there may be exceptions for certain companies.
  • 1940s-50s: These patches are a little more rare but can be found frequently enough.
  • 1930s and earlier: A custom patch containing logos designed during this era may range from somewhat to extremely rare.
Can different types of oil patches be sewn onto clothing?

Yes, an iron-on patch can be sewed on just like a regular sew-on patch.

  • An iron-on patch can be both ironed on or sewed on while a sew-on patch can only be sewed on.
  • Iron-on patches embroidered with logos may have a heat seal. They can still be sewed or ironed on.
  • An iron-on patch tends to last longer due to its heat seal.
What steps can be taken to maintain the patchs quality?

For someone who wants an oil and gas company patch to keep as a collectors item, no special care is needed. For someone planning to attach it to clothing, some steps can be taken to preserve its quality.

  • For patches with embroidered logos, only sew around the edges.
  • Dont wash the material more than necessary.
  • If ironing a patch, make sure its on a flat surface.
How can the style of patch be determined?

Figuring out which type of embroidered or iron-on patch you have is useful when deciding how to care for it.

  • Logos made on embroidered patches typically have a plastic, glue-like substance on the back.
  • Embroidered oil logos tend to be made of thicker material than iron-on ones.
  • Logos on patches with a cloth backing can be attached with a special adhesive known as fusible web.