Vidrio Orrefors Arte Vidrio Cerámica y Vidrio

Orrefors Art Glass

Orrefors began as a business that supplied glassware for medical, technical, and household use, but soon changed to become a producer of artistic, crystal, engraved glass, and stemware. The brand’s engraved cut crystal glass was first designed using the grail technique, a new method for etching thin glass. The crafting of the 1922 Parispokalen glass piece resulted in both Orrefors and its designers being awarded the Grand Prix at the Paris Exhibition in 1925.

What types of glass does Orrefors produce?

Orrefors produces many different types of crystal, glass art, and stemware. Their products include items such as bowls, sculptures, vases, figurines, candleholders, stemware, ornaments, and serving dishes. These crystal items are presented in many museum showings of crystal and glass around the world.

Where is the glassware manufactured?

The first glassworks was opened at the Orrefors site, and for many years, all the pieces were designed, manufactured, and sold from Orrefors. After a merger with a glassworks group in Kosta, eventually most of the glass production was consolidated at the Kosta site. The Orrefors site was closed, although the name Orrefors is still used. Skilled glassworkers work together with several famous designers to produce new pieces. A small part of Orrefors glass is produced at other sites but with the same designs from the artists in Sweden.

What are some of the Orrefors collections?

Orrefors has been producing glass for the home for many years. Art glass, bowls, votives, vases, and stemware are the main pieces and are usually part of Orrefors' glass and crystal series. Some of their collections include:

  • Carat: The Carat pieces are inspired by cut diamonds, and feature a cut pattern of crystal glass.
  • Precious: An asymmetrical design with facets is the hallmark of this hand-cut group.
  • Dizzy Diamond: These crystal glass pieces are lustrous with their varying reflections of light.
  • Difference: The Difference clear wine glasses are designed to enhance a bouquet of a red wine.
  • Glacial: The Glacial series is inspired by the image of icebergs rising above the surface of the ocean.
  • Prelude: The Prelude has been in production since 1957, and features a pattern drawing up from the stem that is similar to leaves.
  • Intermezzo Blue: Beauty meets functionality in this classic design of cool, clear glass with a blue drop inside the stem.
  • Swerve: The Swerve barware pieces have a swirl curling down the sides for a contemporary look and design.
  • Corona: This crystal glass collection is made with a centrifugal technique and has been in production since 1978.