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Buick Century Glove Boxes

The glove box in your Buick Century is a great way to hold a lot of stuff in a secure and organized way. If you have something in your glove box you access fairly frequently and youve worn out the latch mechanism by doing so, your Buicks glove box wont stay closed. Either way, the right assemblies and parts you need are easy to find.

Why is a cars glove box important?

Perhaps youve never considered just how important your glove box is. Since its easy to simply fill it full of the items you dont want lying around in your car and then forget about it, it makes sense that it wouldnt rank very highly on your "important parts list." However, your glove box actually serves an important safety function. By keeping loose items stowed away, it prevents the items from rolling around on your floorboard, potentially getting stuck under your accelerator or brake pedals, or from becoming projectiles in the event of an accident. Therefore, having a properly functioning glove box is actually a crucial part of your vehicles safety system.

Why is a glove box latch important?

The latch on your glove box is what transforms your glove box from just a shelf into the box it was made to be. If your latch isnt working properly, your glove box could open while youre driving, causing some of the contents of your glove box to be scattered on the floorboard of your Buick Century. Not only that, but in the event of an accident, a poorly working latch causes a greater threat of the glove box opening during the impact.

Is it easy to find the correct glove box?

Its important to match the year of your Buick Century sedan to the glove box or latch that youre purchasing. Since glove boxes in cars are designed to fold up and out of the way, they are uniquely designed for your specific year and model of Buick, and any other parts will not provide a satisfactory fit. Ensure you get a part that will fit your cars model year, and your results will be great.

Can you replace a glove box latch?

Once you have the correct parts, replacing the glove box latch on your Buick vehicle is quite straightforward.

  1. Open the glove box, and remove the screws holding the old latch in place.
  2. Remove the old latch.
  3. Insert the new latch, ensuring that it is in the correct position (locked or unlocked) to fit through its hole.
  4. Install the new screws and close the glove box.
Is it easy to install a new glove box?

Installing an entire new glove box on your Buick Century sedan is a little more involved. Typically, youll need to remove some screws on the underside of the box, and there are also often tabs on either side of the box you have to push in to remove it. Procedures for your specific model will vary and should be detailed in the instructions you receive with the parts you order.