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Buick Regal Glove Boxes

The glove box compartment of a Buick Regal sedan is important when extra storage is needed for important papers, tools, and other accessories. These storage compartments are easily accessible for both the driver or passenger of the Buick. The locking mechanisms give you confidence in knowing that your belongings are safe and secure even when you cant keep eyes on them at all times.

What is the purpose of the Buick Regal glove box?

The glove box of a Buick Regal sedan provides additional storage within a convenient location in the vehicle. These accessories were originally designed to store items such as gloves, which is how it received its name. Contemporary vehicle owners store a variety of items within the glove box, including important documents such as insurance papers, contact telephone numbers, and basic hand tools that are necessary for an emergency.

Where is the glove box cable located in Buick Regal?

There is a glove box cable located behind the glove box compartment of the dash in a Buick Regal sedan. This cable is also known as a damper cord. The purpose of the Regals glove box cable is to prevent the glove box from opening past a specific point so that all of your contents stored in this compartment are secure and dont fall out. You can access the Buicks glove box cable or dampener by opening the glove box and reaching behind it. You can also remove the glove box compartment completely to gain access to perform repairs and replacements for this part as needed.

What is a glove box assembly?

The glove box assembly is an electrical component that fits within your Buicks glove box compartment. This component bolts in place and contains the light housing that gives you the ability to see within the compartment even when it is dark.

What can be done about a broken glove box latch?

There are aftermarket or OEM replacement latches available to replace a broken glove box latch. To begin, you must first remove the glove box compartment from the vehicle to prevent any strain on the hinges and other components of this part. Unbolt the glove box from the dash. Remove the lighting assembly from this compartment and set it aside so it is not damaged. Locate the two screws that bolt the latch in place and remove them. This will allow the broken latch to slide out from its position. Slide in the new latch and replace the two screws to secure the latch in place. Place the glove box compartment back into the dash and secure all dampers and bolts that hold it in position. Reposition the lighting assembly and secure that as required.