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Chevrolet Caprice Glove Boxes

Glove boxes have been an essential part of vehicles for years. When you’re pulled over by a police officer and asked for your registration, you’ll oftentimes reach toward this convenient compartment since that’s where many people likely keep them. In short, this box is appropriate for keeping any documents and proof of ownership you have handy, along with other crucial items.

How do you install a Chevrolet Caprice glove box?

The glove box in a Chevy Caprice is in the same location as in many other vehicles. It is set within the dashboard above the lap of the passenger in the front of the car. Some glove boxes come with a locking mechanism while some simply have a lifted-latch system that allows you to lift the latch and easily open the box.

There is a snapping mechanism, which will require a flat-head screwdriver or some other type of leverage tool, that fits the glove box into the dashboard. You will be using this device to lightly pry the edges of the glove box away from the dashboard. You should hear a quiet "snap" as you gently detach each edging tab from its socket. Simply lift the old box out and snap the new one in place.

Should you replace your old glove box?

It might be advantageous for you to replace the old box in your Chevy if it is cracked, wont lock when you need it to, or has any gaps or holes in the bottom of it. You dont want your belongings catching on torn plastic, and you dont want to be accidentally locked out of a malfunctioning box. Replacing your box can give you the necessary functionality without having to duct tape everything back together.

Can you make your glove box safer?

Yes. You can make your sedans glove box safer by adding higher-quality locks. Although not common, you can even install additional safety measures, such as an external padlock, if you require extra protection for your boxs contents.

Do Caprice glove boxes have lighted interiors?

In many Chevrolet sedans, including the Chevrolet Caprice, the glove boxes have internal illumination so that you can see what you are looking for even at night or in a dark garage. Since most people store other items besides their registration inside, the light comes in handy. Typical items for storage inside these glove boxes include local and nationwide maps, keys, a small stash of emergency cash, umbrellas, and light rain ponchos.