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Glove Boxes for Chevrolet Sonic

Your Chevrolet Sonic sedan or hatchbacks glove box is like the junk drawer of your car. While that may sound like an insult, its actually praise. Sure, theres probably a few things in your glove box that dont need to be in there, but for the most part, your glove box holds many important tools to aid in your safety, comfort, and entertainment.

What are the features of a Chevy Sonic glove box?

While it might seem that the glove box is a fairly unchangeable part, the fact is that your Chevrolet Sonic sedan or hatchbacks glove box has some nice innovations that make using it more convenient.

  • Two glove box compartments: Your Chevrolet vehicle is equipped with an upper and lower glove box compartment. This gives you organization and utilization opportunities you wouldnt have with a single glove box.
  • Easy-pull latch: The latches on both glove box compartments are sturdy and precision-calibrated. This means the latches are smooth enough to allow for easy opening and strong enough to close without getting jammed.
  • Wide opening: The hinges on the upper and lower compartments allow for a wide range of movement, allowing you to store more things more easily.
  • Concealed assembly: In addition, the hinges on the glove box compartments sit up in the opening and out of the way, so you dont have to worry about your stuff getting caught on them.
Who manufactures glove boxes for a Chevrolet Sonic?

It is important you purchase a glove box that is specifically designed for your Chevrolet Sonic sedan or hatchback, so buying an original equipment manufacturer, or OEM, model is your ideal option. The only color that the glove boxes come in is black, so all you have to do is match the year of your Chevrolet vehicle to the model youre buying to ensure you get the correct one.

How do you install a glove box on a Chevrolet?

If youre having a problem with your Chevrolet vehicles glove box that cant be repaired, replacing it is fairly straightforward. In fact, you dont need any tools other than your hands. The procedures below outline the replacement of the lower glove box compartment.

  1. Open the glove box, and press in on the sides to remove them from their hinges.
  2. Pull out on the damper arm to remove it from its attachment point on the glove box.
  3. Put the new glove box in place, pulling out on the damper arm until it is over the attachment point, and then release.
  4. Press in on the sides until they clear the hinge attachment points, and then release them to snap them in place.
  5. Open and close your glove box a few times to ensure it is functioning correctly.