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Chevrolet Tahoe Glove Boxes

A glove box, or glove compartment, has been a functional interior storage area in automobiles for decades. Located on the passenger side of the dashboard, these small compartments are used to store manuals, paperwork, and other small items important to drivers. While Chevrolet vehicles, such as the Tahoe Premier, also make use of center consoles, the glove box continues to be a helpful storage option on the Tahoe.

Are glove boxes standard in the Chevrolet Tahoe?

Glove boxes are a standard dashboard storage option in almost all vehicles, and the Tahoe LT and LS models are no exception. From the 1992 GMC Yukon onward, the glove box has been a standard dashboard component on Chevrolet products.

Can the glove box on a Chevrolet Tahoe lock?

The glove box on this vehicle does lock. The lock cylinder is installed into the glove box latch itself. The master keys are used to lock and unlock the glove box. Inserting the master key into the cylinder and turning it to the right will lock it. Inserting the key into the cylinder and turning it to the left will unlock it.

Does a Chevrolet Tahoe glove compartment have a light?

The answer will depend upon the model year you are looking for. A light was standard in the glove box of all vehicles until the latter half of the 20th century, when they began to be phased out. GM followed this industry standard with all of their makes and models, including the Tahoe. You will want to refer to the owner or service manual of the specific Chevy model year in order to determine if the glove box has a light.

What components of a Chevrolets glove box can you replace?

You may find a glove compartment for an SUV that you can take components from. There is a Glove Box Assembly that Chevrolet has made available that replaces all components except for the access cover and the lock cylinder. There are some components that Chevrolet have made available separately for the Tahoe, including:

  • The compartment stopper
  • The latch
  • The lock cylinder
  • The access cover
What colors do Chevrolet Tahoe glove boxes come in?

Chevrolet Tahoe glove boxes come in a variety of colors to match virtually any car interior. Just a few of the color options include:

  • Black: This is a rich, luxurious black that isnt too dark.
  • Cocoa: This is a rich shade of brown that is warm and inviting.
  • Dune: This sandy color has a bit more pigment than a standard beige, giving your SUVs interior a bit more life.
  • Shale: This is a sort of beige color, but a bit more muted.