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Chevrolet Venture Glove Boxes

Glove boxes are a part of the dashboard, giving you room for storage in your vehicle. Knowing the various systems will allow you to choose a design that meets your needs to enhance your drive. You can find a replacement for the glove box that matches the interior design for your Chevrolet Venture.

What is the purpose of a Chevrolet Venture glove box?

The purpose of glove boxes or glove compartments in your Venture are to offer you storage space for miscellaneous items. Made from strong material, you can choose to store the Chevrolet owners manual, license and registration, insurance card, and other valuables.

How does your Venture glove box lock?

Vehicle glove boxes will close with a latch. Often, a door will have a lock that opens with a key. The key is usually different than the key that works the ignition. The benefit to this is that when you valet, you can lock valuable items inside of glove boxes. Further, if the box has a mechanism to open the trunk, you will want to keep the door locked so that not everyone can access whats in the trunk or back cargo area.

What are the color options for the Venture?

You will find that there are many color options for glove boxes in your vehicle. You can try to match the color to the interior of your Chevrolet Venture. Different model years and trim levels will have different interior colors.

  • Gray
  • Tan
  • Black
  • Brown
How is a glove compartment door latch installed?

Installing a latch on glove boxes is a relatively simple process. Whether your latch is broken or you want to switch to/from a locked version, you can handle the installation. You will need to open the compartment and remove the cover. Then, the latch assembly can be taken apart with a screwdriver. Once you attach the new assembly, you can replace the box cover and close the box.

What should you consider when looking at glove boxes?

Its important to buy a box that works well for your Chevrolet Venture. There are a few features to explore, which are listed here:

  • Model year and trim level: Be sure to find a box cover and lock that will fit the Chevrolet minivan that you have.
  • Parts: Determine if you need the entire door assembly or just the lock.
  • Color: Choose a color to match the interior trim and seats.
  • Lock: Decide if you want the compartment to lock or not.
  • OEM or aftermarket: Determine if you want a genuine OEM part or an aftermarket one for your Chevrolet.