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Ford F-250 Super Duty Glove Boxes

Owning a Ford F-250 Super Duty lets you go anywhere whenever you want. With variations including the crew cab and XLT, this pickup has an impressive towing capacity, a long bed for storage, and a strong engine. Replacing the Ford F-250 Super Duty glove boxes in your cab gives you more storage space for all your things.

What parts make up the glove box?

Unless you replaced a glove box before, you might think that it features just one part. It actually consists of a few different components. You can get an entire assembly or purchase only the parts that you need.

  • Handle: The Super Duty comes with a glove box that has a handle on the front. You can wrap your fingers around the handle and lift it up to open the door. Some Ford F-250 Super Duty vehicles also come with a locking handle, which includes a key that you can use to lock the door as needed to keep your belongings safe.
  • Box assembly: When you open the door of your Super Duty pickup, youll see a large box inside, which is the box assembly. Frequently made from metal, the assembly includes holes on the back that keep it attached to the cab. It also has a box area that provides storage space. Some may have compartments for storing your manual and other items, too.
  • Clips: If your glove box wobbles when you open or close it, you may have a broken clip. These clips fit on the back and side of the assembly and work with the screws to secure the box to the truck. Any broken or damaged clips will keep the glove box from working.
  • Hinge: Glove boxes use hinges to help the box open more smoothly and without screeching or making other odd noises. Most hinges use a type of heavy-duty metal like stainless steel that can stand up to regular wear and tear.
  • Door: You can also just replace the door on your glove box. This door is usually made of metal, padding, and leather over the top.
Can you match a glove box to your truck?

Glove boxes fit inside the cab and close to the engine with many of the parts invisible to the naked eye. The door, however, is visible to the driver and passengers. Replacement doors for the Ford F-250 Super Duty come in colors that match the official Ford interior shades. You can look for a darker color like slate gray or a lighter shade like tan to match your F-250.

What is a custom glove box?

Whether you have an XLT, crew cab, or any other version of this truck, you might want a custom product. Custom products, also called performance products, are those products available from unofficial companies. These glove boxes will fit the Ford F-250 Super Duty but do not include the boxes made by Ford. Performance and custom glove boxes are compatible with all models of the F-250 truck.