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Hummer H3 Glove Boxes

Even with all the cargo space your Hummer H3 provides, you still need a place to store all the smaller items that accumulate while youre driving around town. Your H3s glove box is the perfect solution for securely storing those small items that may otherwise go missing under your seat. Since your glove box is so important, its important to keep it in good working condition.

What types of glove boxes are available for an H3?

A lot of the Hummer model H3 glove box units you can find are second-hand Original Equipment Manufacturer, or O.E.M., units. This is because the glove box is one of the most easily-salvageable parts from a donor vehicle. Of course, there are also new O.E.M. and aftermarket glove box units available. In addition, you can find the individual components of your Hummer H3s glove box including the latch and hinge if you only need to replace those specific components.

How do you maintain a Hummer H3s glove box?

Maintaining your Hummer H3s glove box involves more than just cleaning it out from time to time, though thats certainly an important part of it. To ensure your glove box is ready to use anytime you need it, you can perform a few simple maintenance steps that will keep it working well for the life of your vehicle.

  • Clean it: Removing all the unnecessary items from your Hummer H3s glove box is an important part of regular maintenance. Not only does this ensure that you can easily find the items you truly need, but it also keeps the weight down so theres not too much strain placed on the latch mechanism. Empty the entire glove box, clean out any debris you find in it, and wipe it out if you find any sticky messes.
  • Protect it: As your Hummer H3s glove box is an integral part of the appearance of your vehicles interior, its important to help it look great. Use a plastic protector and cleaner to restore your glove boxs shine and help protect it from interior contaminants.
  • Tighten it: While driving, your Hummer H3s glove box actually serves an important safety function by keeping small items safely stowed away so they arent released into the cabin of your vehicle. Therefore, its important to check the hinges and the latch on Hummers your glove box from time-to-time to ensure everything is tight and there are no signs of stress or excessive wear and tear. Especially on the latch, if you notice excessive wear, replacing it is important.