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Jeep Cherokee Glove Boxes

The Jeep Cherokee has been in production by the Jeep Division of American Motor Cars, Chrysler, Daimler-Chrysler, and Fiat Chrysler since model year 1974, and it has gone through five generations of updates and redesigns. This sport utility vehicle comes in a variety of trims, such as the Jeep Grand Cherokee, and it is known for its ability to go off-road as well as its comfortable passenger compartment. After many years of using the Jeeps storage box, you may need to replace it.

What are the features of Jeep Grand Cherokee glove boxes?
  • Lamp for illuminating the contents of the box: The first and second generations of this Jeep feature glove boxes that have lamps inside of the storage compartment. The opening of the storage boxs door activates the lamp so that you can see what is inside of the compartment.
  • Latch to secure the contents of the box: The storage box has a door with a latch. You can turn the key in the latch to secure the items that are inside of the box. The same key that opens the doors of your Jeep Grand Cherokee opens its glove box. Its latch has the capacity to be re-keyed.
  • Paint color that matches the interior trim of the vehicle: The door of the glove box is designed to match the color of the trim in the passenger cabin. Some of the options include putty gray, charcoal gray, and ivory.
How do you choose glove boxes for Jeep Grand Cherokee?
  • Select the model year and trim type of your Jeep: Choose the model year of your vehicle. Different model years of the Jeep Grand Cherokee and other trim levels of these Jeeps have different shapes and configurations for the glove boxes.
  • Choose the interior color of your vehicle: Choose a storage box that matches the inside of your vehicle. The interior color of the box is typically black.
  • Select a manufacturer for the parts: Select Jeep as the original equipment manufacturer of the storage box. There are also parts made by other manufacturers, including Mopar and OE+. You could also choose unbranded or aftermarket products for your jeep Grand Cherokee.
How do you replace the Jeep Grand Cherokees glove boxes?

In order to replace the Jeep Cherokee glove boxes, begin by:

  • Opening the door and finding the two rubber flaps for the stop bumpers, which are located at the top of the inside assembly.
  • Rotate the box toward you until you are able to release the door from the stop hinges.
  • Disengage the door from the two hooks by twisting the door slightly counterclockwise or clockwise.
  • Pull the box toward you until you see the wiring attachment on the back. Release the wire harness from the box.
  • To replace the box, align the new unit with the hinges.
  • Reattach the wiring harness.
  • Twist the box to lock it into the hinges and activate the top hinges by compressing its sides slightly as you push it into place.