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Mitsubishi Galant Glove Boxes

Whether youre restoring a Mitsubishi Galant or just doing some routine work on your car, you may need to replace the glove box. The latch might be broken or the hinges may no longer work. Regardless of why you need to do it, the interior of the Mitsubishi Galant makes it easy to swap out this compartment.

What different versions of glove boxes were used in Galants?

Automatic and manual transmission cars made within the same model year use the same type of glove box. However, youll need to match the compartment to the specific year of your Mitsubishi Galant. Some of the special edition sport sedan versions of the Galant have altered dashboards. In that case, you’ll need a special glove compartment. Keep in mind that these cars came with several different interior color schemes. Youll want to make sure that the housing on the replacement glove compartment you purchase features the same color as your Galants interior.

Can you replace just a glove box latch?

Some third-party manufacturers are now making latches for this series of cars. This could be useful if your latch is broken, but the interior of the glove compartment is in otherwise good shape. Look for a latch that comes with a key to allow you to lock the compartment independently from the car doors on your Galant.

What special features do Galant glove boxes offer?

Most models of the Galant sedan offer drivers a roomy glove box that provides all of the following features:

  • A place for your car registration.
  • Space for maps and documentation.
  • A lock mechanism.
  • Smoothly opening pistons.
  • A slick interior that easily wipes clean.
  • Leak-proof seams.
Can you paint a Mitsubishi Galant glove box?

Third-party manufacturers provide special vinyl paint that adheres to the plastic used by Mitsubishi on the interior of the Galant. This paint should allow you to coat your Mitsubishi glove box without making it obvious that you painted over it. You could also use this paint to cover scratches on the interior of your glove box. Mitsubishi offers several different interior colors, and there are various types of paint that match all of the Mitsubishi color schemes.

Can you switch the glove boxes on earlier models?

If you have an older car, you might want to upgrade your vehicle to look like a later model Mitsubishi Galant sedan. You can get a Mitsubishi glove box that comes with the hinges from a newer vehicle as long as you have sufficient space in your current model. Once you have these modifications installed in your Mitsubishi, youll barely be able to tell that any work was done.