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Graco Baby Monitors

Baby monitors by Graco allow you to listen to and monitor your baby from another room. Graco baby monitors make it possible to see if your baby is waking up and needs attention. They offer both video and audio signals from the baby unit to the parent unit.

What are the main features of a Graco baby monitor?

Choosing a baby monitor can be challenging because different models have different features. A few points to keep in mind when finding the type of baby monitor that fits your needs include:

  • Style - Consider whether you want audio or both audio and visual monitoring.
  • Audio quality - If there are other items in your home that operate on a radio frequency, consider a baby monitor that is on a different bandwidth than those items.
  • Information security - If you do not want someone to access the visual information, choose a monitor that can be password protected and secured.
  • Visual options - Consider black and white versus color monitor, panning, zooming, and motion detection activation.
How do you use a Graco baby monitor?

The way in which a baby monitor is used depends on its features and what you want to do with it. To get started with your baby monitor, follow these steps.

  • Analog - An analog baby monitor sends a radio frequency signal between the parent unit and baby unit. The monitor operates on batteries. Since there are no cords, you can place monitors anywhere.
  • Digital - Digital Graco baby monitors require more power, so they often have a battery and corded option. The Graco nursery transmitter unit in the baby's room sends digital signals for images and sounds through your home's internet bandwidth to the receivers. If the Graco nursery unit transmitter is motion activated or sound activated, it will use a laser or sound-detecting chip to automatically turn on the parent unit from power-saving mode and start transmitting information to the parent unit receiver.
  • Audio-only - The light-emitting diodes light up to indicate that the parent unit receiver is picking up sounds from the Graco nursery unit transmitter. This allows you to use it in a mute setting.
How do you troubleshoot a Graco baby monitor?

Here are some common issues your Graco baby monitor may experience as well as how to troubleshoot them:

  • Battery problems - Examine the battery in the transmitter and parent unit of the Graco monitor.
  • No sound - Check the Graco nursery unit's sound setting and adjust it as you listen to the baby.
  • Noise interference - Check the bandwidth of the Graco nursery and parent units.
  • Picture quality - Check the digital video display settings and clean the digital lens.
  • Consider the range - If either the nursery or parent unit is out of range, you may not hear anything.
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