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Everything You Need to Know Before Buying Your Greenlee Conduit Bender

It's time to do some work around the house, and you're looking for just the right tool to bend your electrical circuit and make it fit in a narrow space. Whether you're a self-made DIY expert or an electrician, a new, used, or pre-owned Greenlee conduit bender can solve that problem.

What different types of conduit benders are there?

Not all conduit benders are created alike. There are actually many varieties of conduit bender. These varieties include electric benders like the Greenlee 555 series, hand benders, and hydraulic benders. The key difference is how each bender is powered. Hand benders can be made of aluminum or iron alloy. They're powered manually via foot pedals, but they're marked with reference points to guide the operator. Electric benders are extremely fast and require very little human effort. Electric benders are ideal for big jobs involving a total rewiring of a building's circuitry. They're professional-grade devices, but even amateur electricians can learn how to use the devices. Hydraulic benders are for circuits with a wide diameter that can't be handled by hand benders or even electric benders. Even so, many hydraulic benders also come fitted to handle circuits with smaller diameters.

What are the special features of a Greenlee conduit bender?

Greenlee conduit benders feature smart technology that makes home wiring and repair just a little bit easier. They also have additional features that will help you work more productively and finish the task at hand without damaging your home's circuitry:

  • Bendworks software: Bendworks software is a special computer program that allows you to create an image of the planned circuit on your computer. You can design the circuit and run optimization tests before implementing your design with the bender.
  • Built-in degree indicator: Greenlee mechanical conduit benders are fitted with bending degree indicators that allow you to install consistently fitted circuitry.
  • LCD interface: Greenlee's most advanced electric conduit benders come with an LCD interface and are programmable. You can create bends, program them into the device, and save them on a USB drive to be programmed onto other devices. This feature is perfect for a team of professional electricians who prize consistency in their work.
Which Greenlee bender varieties can you find on eBay?

You can find all types of affordable Greenlee conduit benders on eBay. The Greenlee 555 bender, Greenlee 881 bender, and the Greenlee pipe bender along with complementary offset multipliers and EMT bending charts are all available for purchase. Pick the conduit bender that suits your needs.