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Tips for Choosing a Greenlee Electrical Crimper

A Greenlee electrical crimper creates an electrical connection without soldering. It is usually used for wire-wrapping or terminating standard wire. If you are looking for a new electrical crimper, you can view new and pre-owned crimpers on eBay for reasonable prices.

What are the benefits of a crimping tool?

Crimping items have a few benefits that include:

  • One: If the electrical crimp is engineered correctly and has a gas-tight design, it can protect the metals of the wire from corrosion due to oxygen and humidity.
  • Two: The joint is stronger than using a simple alloy like it is done in soldering.
  • Three: Crimping connectors are appropriate for both large and small cross-sections.
How do you use an electrical crimp?

When using a crimping item, you need to follow the steps:

  • Step 1: Place the terminal inside the crimp tool's compartment.
  • Step 2: Insert the wire into the terminal.
  • Step 3: Press the handles of the tool together. This puts pressure on the wire so it can be welded without heat. The tool reshapes the whole terminal.
What are the different types of electrical crimping items?

These efficient electrical crimpers can be found in different styles, depending on the size and type of the terminal that needs to be crimped. Many of these items can be viewed on eBay and added to your cart. There are two main types:

  • Simple Crimping Connector: These connectors have a couple of functions. They can screw terminals, connect different wire sizes, and make quick disconnections. If the connector is tube-shaped with crimps for slicing the wires, it is a splice connector. Crimp-on connectors insert the strip end of a stranded wire into a connector that is compressed around the wire. Crimped connectors create a gas-tight connection that allows no air or humidity inside.
  • Specialized Crimping Connector: These connections are used for fixing connectors in a quick manner as a substitute for solder connections. They have wire strippers that take down the outer insulation, shield braid, and the inner insulation to prepare the wire to be crimped. Usually, the male connector is fitted into a cable while the female is attached to the panel of the equipment.
What are some features of crimping tools?

Many versatile crimpers can be viewed and placed in your cart for purchase using a simple search on eBay. Crimping tools can have the following features that make using them easier:

  • Types of handles: Steel handles on crimpers are good for crimping hard metals. Plastic handles are more appropriate for softer metals or plastics.
  • Spring-loaded: A spring puts some pressure on the handles and is good when you need additional pressure.
  • Ratchet: A ratchet on the jaws is made to make a more accurate compression of the teeth.
  • Hydraulic crimpers: Hydraulic crimpers are used for high-duty jobs in order to decrease hand stress or discomfort.
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