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Chevrolet C10 Grilles

The C10 is a full-size pickup truck that was produced under the Chevrolet brand name by General Motors from 1960 through 2000 for the United States market and for other time periods in Canada and around the world. This vehicle is known for its front engine, rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive layout, two-, three-, or four-door cab, regular or extended-length cab, and four-speed manual transmission or automatic transmission. A collision, impact, or restoration project might necessitate replacement of the grille on your C10 pickup.

What are the features of Chevrolet C10 grilles?
  • Resistance to rust, fading, and corrosion: The Chevrolet grilles are made with chrome-covered steel or plastic. These materials resist rust and corrosion when exposed to moisture, automotive fluids, and road salt. They also resist fading when the trucks are parked in direct sunlight.
  • Openings for the emblem and head lamps: The grilles have openings for fitment around the head lamps and emblem. Some versions of the grilles have an integrated emblem within the crosshatching.
  • Pre-drilled holes for mounting onto the vehicle: The pickups have holes that are already drilled for ease of mounting onto your Chevy vehicles front end.
How do you choose grilles for the Chevrolet C10?
  • Choose the model year and trim level of your Chevrolet truck: Select the model year of your C10. These vehicles were in production for four generations and 40 years, and there were many style, size, and fitment changes for the pickups grilles. There were multiple trim levels for these Chevrolets, including C, K, CST, and Cheyenne.
  • Select the material of the grille: Select chrome-covered metal or black plastic for the grille. The first and second generations of these pickups had chrome as the original grilles while the third and fourth generations of the Chevrolet trucks may have had either black plastic or chrome-covered metal, depending on the trim level.
  • Choose a manufacturer of the parts: Select Chevrolet as the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of the Chevrolet truck grilles. There are also grilles made by other manufacturers that fit these Chevrolet trucks, including parts produced by Aftermarket Products, APX, T-Rex, and Sherman. You could also select unbranded grilles for the truck.
What are the types of grilles for the Chevrolet C10?

There are two types of grilles for the Chevrolet C10 pickup trucks. One type is the meshed grille, which uses a metal or plastic frame with a backing of metal mesh. The frame may be painted silver or black, and the mesh is made to match the frames color. The purpose of the mesh is to keep small objects out of the engine block. The other type of grille for the Chevy C10 is the billeted style. This type of a grille uses a lined-up series of rectangles in rows and columns. The openings are larger than those of the mesh grille. These truck parts also come in chrome-covered metal or in black plastic.