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Chevrolet Impala Grilles

You can put a defining touch on your Chevrolet Impala with a shiny grille. Take your pick of Chevrolet grilles made of durable materials, finished to resist all weather, and designed to enhance your rides cooling capacity.

What Chevrolet Impala grille fits and trims are available?

You can find Chevrolet Impala grilles designed specifically for all of the trim levels, including Impala LS, Impala LT, and Impala LTZ. You may occasionally encounter product titles and descriptions identifying grilles according to body types, such as sedan, convertible, or hardtop.

For fits, all Impala models have two front grilles: the upper/main grille and the lower grille, sometimes called the bumper grille. Both serve the purpose of permitting airflow to your engine and transmission while minimizing the ingression of dust, debris, bugs, and the elements.

What distinguishes aftermarket from original Chevrolet grilles?

Aftermarket refers to any grilles not sourced directly from Chevrolet. However, authentic Chevrolet model grilles often find their way into the aftermarket pool of available products. Generally, aftermarket products are high-quality, economical alternatives to parts made by Chevrolet.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) produce grilles for direct replacement on your Chevy Impala. Although designed expressly for Chevy vehicles, OEM products may appear under private labels or OEM-affiliated brands.

Are Impala grilles mesh or billet?

These grilles are mesh, billet, or a mixture of both. Depending on the year, the main upper grille is billet, and the bumper grille is mesh, or vice versa. Occasionally, Impala grilles boast a mesh layer behind the exterior billet-style layer.

Advertised product titles and descriptions often tell you which model year a particular grille corresponds to. Some of these grilles include the signature Chevy "bow tie" emblem and some do not. You may purchase the emblem separately to install on the exterior of your vehicle as needed. Emblems come in several colors from yellow to black.

What are Chevrolet Impala grilles made of?

Most automotive grilles consist of either chromium, steel, aluminum, or acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS, a thermoplastic). These grilles are invariably alloys, such as chrome (a chromium alloy) or stainless steel. You may come across unique codes and names for grille materials, such as 6061 and high-carbon. These are just alloys of steel identified by standardized numbers or defining ingredients.

ABS grilles usually have a plastic core surrounded by chrome or steel. This results in a grille thats lightweight but sturdy enough to take beatings and withstand normal wear. All of these materials are fairly lightweight, extremely durable, and naturally resistant to rusting, inclement weather, and everyday wear.

How do you install Chevrolet Impala grilles?

The installation process depends on the type of grille you purchase. Like most grilles, Chevy Impala grilles are either overlay or insert grilles. With overlay grilles, sometimes called bolt-on, you actually snap/bolt the new grille onto the existing grille or the grille frame. Occasionally, the old grille remains visible, but this is precisely part of the appeal. The multiple layers translate visually as texture and provide extra engine protection from dust and bugs.

Insert grilles fit directly into the grille frame of your vehicle. You have to remove your old grille and install the new insert grille. Mounts and fasteners keep the new grille in place. Installation is very accessible, sometimes requiring mere minutes and a few tools.