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Grilles for Chevrolet K5 Blazer

When you drive around in your K5 Blazer, youll be hard to miss, and the grille is usually the first thing a person sees. There are many Blazer grilles available, so you can find one that matches your specific Chevrolet model and your personal style. You could go with a standard replacement or install something a little more unique.

What is the function of a Chevrolet Blazer grille?

The grille is found on the front end of a K5 Blazer and lets air flow into the compartment under the hood. That air flow can be important to keep different parts from overheating, including key components to the Chevrolets air conditioning system. At the same time, the grille on a Chevy truck provides protection for the radiator and engine. Since it works as a type of screen, it can prevent most types of debris from getting in and from interfering with the normal operations of the Chevrolet Blazer.

What are grilles for Chevrolet K5 Blazers made out of?

They could be made from aluminum, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, or ABS plastic. All of these materials are durable and lightweight, which is what you need for a heavy-duty truck like the Chevrolet Blazer. After a grille has been constructed, it can be coated or plated with another material to help with weather-resistance or to add style. For example, you could choose from chrome, zinc plating, or black powder coating.

What are the different styles of grilles for Chevrolet Blazers?
  • Billet: This would be your typical Chevrolet Blazer grille. They consist of thick strips of metal or plastic. The strips could be mainly vertical or horizontal, with support structures in place to hold everything together. A classic look on a Blazer might include the horizontal billet style grille.
  • Mesh: There are two different styles of mesh grilles. There’s an interweave of thin strips of material, or there’s a punched out pattern in sheet metal. For example, you could also have strips crisscrossing each other to make diamond shapes, or you could have a group of hexagons tightly arranged in a honeycomb pattern.
  • Custom: If you want to give your Chevrolet truck a one-of-a-kind style, you could opt for a more custom grille. Some machinists use computer-guided tools to make unique creations.
What are some models of Chevy K5 grilles?
  • Carriage Works Billet Grille: This Chevrolet grille has a space for your grille insert, is made out of aluminum, and is painted black.
  • Sherman Grille: Made using ABS plastic, this Blazer grille has a silver coating.
  • Goodmark Grille: This is also made with ABS plastic, and it has a chrome center strip. Some Chevrolet drivers may prefer this added detail.
  • T-Rex Billet: This has a horizontal bar billet overlay and is made out of polished aluminum.