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Ford Focus Grilles

A set of grilles serves a practical purpose in your vehicle by cooling the radiator with a constant flow of air. A set of bumper grilles for the Ford Focus can add a distinctive, standout quality to the model. Whether it is a billet, mesh, or a grille insert, a grille kit can add style and functionality to your Focus hatchback.

When and how do you replace a Ford Focus grille?

Grilles can prevent flying rocks and other objects from hitting the radiator and engine of the Focus. Like any car part, the grille set of your Focus may need replacement over time. This could be due to front bumper damage or just natural wear from the daily commute. A new Ford Focus grille can be changed or just bolted on. There are no-drill grilles for the Focus, which are just cosmetic add-ons or a grille insert to the existing unit.

What are the different grille options for the Focus?

Here are some possible choices available in grille sets for your Ford Focus:

  • OEM - Original equipment manufacturer grilles are designed for a particular automobile brand such as Ford. Choosing an OEM grille for the Ford Focus means you are getting a factory unit fit for Ford vehicle specifications.
  • Tri-Bar - The Ford company has a distinctive grille design across several of its vehicle models, including the Ford Focus. The iconic design consists of three solid bars with the company’s oval logo in the center.
  • Billet - The Ford Focus billet grilles can be distinguished by a series of horizontal slats across the panel. The center may or may not have the Ford Focus brand logo.
  • Mesh - The mesh grille design incorporates a honeycomb motif for the Focus model. Variants include the plain mesh look or one with the brand logo in the center. Another grille motif for the Focus combines the tri-bar and mesh details.
  • Custom - There are personalized grille options for the Focus owner. These designs combine elements from billet, mesh, or the iconic Ford tri-bar motif. Custom designs can be adapted for Ford sedans and trucks.
How do you choose a grille set for Ford Focus?

Choose a grille set for your Food Focus sedan by using the following criteria:

  • Material - Grilles made for the Ford Focus hatchback are made from different types of materials and finishes. The base material for the grille can include heavy duty stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, or even titanium.
  • Style - Do you prefer the classic Ford Focus look, billet grilles, or mesh grilles? Or would you rather have a design that combines some of these elements?
  • Luxury - Titanium is a material typically used on luxury grilles. Certain details in custom grilles can enhance the aesthetic appearance of your Ford sedan or truck. Others may affect engine performance.