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Hummer H3 Grilles

The exterior of your Hummer H3 is absolutely unmistakable. One of the characteristics that make it so unique is its one-of-a-kind front Hummer grille. Therefore, keeping your grille in great shape is an important part of keeping your H3 looking great and standing out from the crowd.

What types of grilles are there for a Hummer H3?

From Original Equipment Manufacturer, or OEM grilles that serve as direct replacements to your original grille, to aftermarket models that lend a tough, rugged look to your Hummer H3s exterior, there are many possibilities to allow your personality to shine through.

Another option for Hummer personalization is to install a grille guard or bull bar for an extra-tough look plus added functionality. The H3s durability allows it to be used in rugged situations, and a grille guard, possibly with a winch installed, will allow you to get more out of your legendary SUV. Though these aftermarket accessories are often universal, its still important to ensure you match your Hummer SUVs model year to the range of years the accessory is manufactured for. Especially considering that whatever you install on the front of your vehicle will need to perfectly interact with your Hummer H3s crash safety systems, selecting the right accessory is an important task.

How do you maintain a grille on a Hummer H3?

While maintaining your H3s grille certainly helps your vehicle look great, it also helps ensure there is always adequate airflow to the engine by removing any major obstructions. As important as this is, maintaining your H3s grille is actually very simple.

  • Clean it: With the larger openings of your H3s grille, keeping it clean is extra important as these openings can harbor debris such as leaves and sticks. In addition, the wide grille allows ample space for bugs to collide with the grille. Take the extra time to check each grille opening for any debris and clean it out completely and then use a bug remover to get rid of all bug remnants. This will restore the appearance of your grille and help prevent any rust over time.
  • Polish it: Though there are alternatives, the Hummer H3 is known for its distinctive chrome grille. In order to maintain and protect its distinctive beauty, take some time after cleaning your grille to polish it and remove all fingerprints and other imperfections. This will also help to build a protective layer on the grille that will result in less damage from contaminants in the future.
  • Inspect it: Though there shouldnt be any issues with airflow given its large openings, its still a good idea to thoroughly inspect your Hummer H3s grille from time to time to ensure that it hasnt been bent out of shape for one reason or another. These shifts in form could result in reduced airflow and an overheated engine. If you do notice any deformities, carefully bend the grille pieces back into place if possible.