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Jeep Cherokee Grilles

Tweak the front end of your Jeep Cherokee with a new grille. Designed to promote cooling airflow and protect the interior of your compact SUVs engine compartment from debris ingression, grilles are a functional and aesthetic enhancement. Here are five questions and answers about grilles for the Jeep Cherokee.

What type of mesh grille design fits the Cherokee?

There are two main types of mesh grilles that are common to the Jeep Cherokee. There is a honeycomb mesh grille and a mesh grille whose pattern resembles more of an open lattice.

Mesh grille inserts also conform to these two main pattern types. Mesh grille inserts let you change or replace the existing mesh grille inserts on your vehicle as needed. Similar to mesh grilles, mesh grille inserts are compatible with grilles for the Jeep Cherokee.

Are Jeep Cherokee bumper grilles and bars similar?

Jeep Cherokee bumper grilles are Hummer-inspired products that are slightly beefier than standard Cherokee grilles. A Cherokee bumper grille gives your front end a more muscular, outdoorsy exterior.

By contrast, bars install over your front end whether standard or Hummer-inspired. Bars, also called bull bars and cattle pushers, provide additional front-end protection in the event of impact.

What is a Jeep Cherokee complete header panel?

A complete header panel includes the headlight mounts. Some header panels also include headlight assemblies preinstalled within the mounts. On Jeep models such as the Cherokee manufactured during certain years, the main front grille fixture mounts onto the header panel and has no attached headlamp doors. For these same models manufactured in other years, the main front grille fixture spans the entire front end, with doors and side holes for front-end lights.

Yet another variation is the grille fixture/header combo that contains headlamp mounts but requires you to purchase and install mesh inserts separately.

What materials and finishes are available?

Chrome, aluminum, stainless steel, and heavy-duty thermoplastic predominate. Each material is lightweight yet extremely sturdy, able to withstand abuse and exposure to the elements. Available finishes vary seasonally but include colors like black and silver as well as limited edition colors for special vehicle packages. Special package colors range from light blue to yellow and woodland brown.

Other finishes designed to enhance durability and weather resistance include:

  • Powder coating (matte)
  • Brushed (semi-gloss)
  • Polished (glossy)
Are these aftermarket products or made by Original Equipment Manufacturers?

Jeep grilles fall into both categories. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) make genuine products designed to directly replace original SUV parts. Occasionally, these products hit the market under private labels and/or flow through authorized or independent parties.

Aftermarket grilles are simply an alternative that do not come from an OEM or from Jeep. There is no difference in terms of quality or compatibility. Occasionally, aftermarket Jeep producers like Rugged Ridge meet or exceed quality standards.