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Jeep Liberty Grilles

The Jeep Liberty, which was also known as the Jeep Cherokee in some markets, was produced from 2002 through 2012. With its V6 engine, the model was designed to replace the Cherokee XJ trim level as a mid-size sports utility or multipurpose vehicle. The front or rear Jeep Liberty grilles may need to be replaced after an impact, collision, or routine wear and tear.

What are the features of Jeep Liberty grilles?
  • Resistance to rust and corrosion: The powder coating, paint, or chrome finish on the metal grilles are designed to resist rust caused by water, snow, or ice exposure. The grilles are also designed to resist corrosion caused by splashes of automotive fluids, road salt, tree sap, and bird droppings.
  • Inserts for headlights and turn signals: The grilles have cutouts and inserts so that they will fit on the vehicles headlights, fog lights, and turn signals.
  • Painted to match the exterior of the Liberty: The grilles can be customized to match the exterior paint color of the Liberty. They are also available in a chrome finish that coordinates with the other trim on these Jeeps.
How do you choose grilles for the Liberty?
  • Choose the placement of the vehicle: Pick a grille that goes on the front or rear side of the Jeep Liberty. It should fit across from wheel well to wheel well. There are also parts that fit on the left or right sides of the front or back of the vehicle.
  • Select the trim level and model year of your vehicle: After choosing the trim level, such as the Sport or Renegade, select the proper model year. Different trim levels and model years have different styles, shapes, and sizes of grilles.
  • Choose a manufacturer of the parts: Select Jeep or Chrysler as the Original Equipment Manufacturer of the grilles. There are also grilles available by other manufacturers, including APS, Aries, GT in the Box, Mopar, and Westin as well as unbranded and aftermarket products for your Jeep.
What are the types of grilles for Jeep Liberty SUVs?

There are several types of grille inserts that are designed to fit on the front or rear ends of the Jeep Liberty. One type is the steel frame with mesh inserts. The plastic mesh inserts are designed to provide a framework through which air is vented from the engine.

Another type of grille for the Jeep is the bumper and grille combination unit. This includes the metal framing as well as a plastic and rubber bumper that helps to protect the frame of the Jeep Liberty from light impacts at a low speed. There are also lower grille units. Being shorter in height, they wrap around the low-mounted fog lights on the front and back ends of the Jeep.