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Mitsubishi Eclipse Grilles

If you want your Mitsubishi Eclipse to stand out from others on the road, consider installing a new grille. The grille helps keep the engine cool, and it also contributes to the overall appearance of the car. You can shop for a Mitsubishi grille by design, color, or installation style.

What does the grille do for your Mitsubishi Eclipse?

The grille is an important component at the front of a car. It works in two ways to help your Mitsubishi car run properly:

  • The grille has multiple openings that allow air into the car. This air cools the engine and radiator so the car does not overheat.
  • The grille also has bars or another design. These serve as a barrier to keep debris out of the inner workings of the vehicle.
How many grilles does a Mitsubishi Eclipse have?

The number of grilles on an Eclipse differs based on the model. For example, some models of Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyders have both an upper grille and a lower grille. Other Eclipses have just one center grille in front. There are even some models that have side grilles or decorative rear grilles. Because there are so many versions of Eclipse grille styles, it is important to pay attention to model year and specific vehicle variety for compatibility when ordering a replacement grille for your sports coupe.

What grille styles are available for a Mitsubishi Eclipse?

One advantage of replacing the grille in your Mitsubishi coupe is that you can choose an accessory that best complements the unique look you want for your vehicle.

  • Billet - This design features bars that run vertically or horizontally across the grille.
  • Mesh - A mesh grille has a crisscrossing pattern of lines or bars that create many small openings across the face of the grille.
What colors are available for Eclipse grilles?
  • Black - A black grille may have a matte or glossy finish. Either variety lends a sporty look to a Mitsubishi Eclipse.
  • Brushed aluminum - This classic finish offers a neutral look that matches nearly any Eclipse color.
  • Chrome - A shiny chrome grille adds an eye-catching element to a Mitsubishi car.
What methods are there for installing a grille?
  • Some grilles are covers that fit over your existing grille assembly. They are affixed with clamps or bolts and are often called bolt-over grilles. These are the easiest grilles to install, but you may be able to see part of the original grille under the new one.
  • Other replacement grilles include the entire assembly. First, you remove the screws and clips that hold the current assembly in place. Tug on the assembly to pull it away from your Mitsubishi car. Then, you reverse those steps to set the new grille in place and affix it to the Eclipse.