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Grilles for Scion xA

The grille of a car is intended to let air into the engine and radiator while also protecting those two important parts from debris and other things that could damage them. If your Scion xA grille is damaged, you will need to replace it. There are a number of options for grilles for your Scion xA.

What kind of grilles are available for a Scion xA?

There are several types of Scion xA grilles for you to choose from. Some examples of Scion grille options that may be available to you include:

  • Billet grille combo insert: A billet grill is an aftermarket grille sold to replace the OEM grille. These combo grilles include a one-piece main upper grille (in most cases, no cutting will be required) and a one-piece lower bumper grille for your hatchback.
  • OEM replacement grille: These grilles, which are often made of plastic, can be painted to match the rest of your Toyota Scion.
  • Front bumper cover: You can buy used versions of these OEM grilles and either install them with their existing color or paint them to be in harmony with the rest of your Scion. You can buy an upper front grille or a lower front grille.
What should you consider when selecting a Scion xA grille?

Many factors will come into play when selecting a grille for your vehicle, but these are three important ones for you to consider:

  • Size of the grille: Be sure that the grille you are considering for your xA is the proper size, meaning it is made for the exact model year of your Scion, or it is made for a model year that is compatible.
  • Color: If you purchase a replacement grille, you can select one in a color to match the rest of your vehicle. On the other hand, when purchasing a replacement grille, you may also need to consider painting it to match the existing color.
  • Emblem: Some grilles include an emblem or a location for an emblem to be placed. If this is the case with the grille you are considering, you will want to double check that the emblem will match your Toyota Scion.
What are grilles made of?

OEM (original equipment manufacturer) grilles are usually made of plastic. A billet grille is typically made of billet, which is a solid bar stock, aircraft-grade aluminum. Others are machined from a solid sheet of aluminum. Mesh grilles are made of stainless steel because the added strength is needed for the thinner wires in the mesh.

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