Cerraduras de Gabinete y cajones Häfele

Häfele Cabinet and Drawer Locks

Häfele offers a wide variety of drawer and cabinet locks for your kitchen, home office, or business needs.

Are there deadbolt locks for furniture?

Häfele produces deadbolt locks that are suitable for furniture and cupboards. They require a key for locking and unlocking. This company’s deadbolts are designed for face-frame cabinets or wooden drawers.

What is a cam lock?

Cam locks are common hardware in households and businesses. They are essentially cylinders with a keyhole at one end and a narrow arm at the other. When you turn the key in, it directly turns the arm so that it catches on the rim of the door.

Häfele’s cam locks are designed to be mounted on wood. Variations are available depending on whether the arm needs to turn left or right. Some cam locks have a hook on the end of the arm that enables it to latch over a projection while others have straight, flat arms.

What is the difference between rim and mortise locks?

Either of these types of hardware can be used for cabinet locks. If the door is thin, you will need a rim lock. Rim locks are also sometimes chosen purely for their decorative value.

The rim style is contained within a rectangular box and is mounted on the surface of the door. When you turn the key, a bolt slides across and into a small housing on the opposite frame. Rim latches may be deadbolts, spring bolts, or unkeyed.

If the doors are thick, you can use a mortise lock. A mortise lock has a hole cut into the door frame for the bolt to slide into. Some locks of this type require a key, and some do not.

What types of specialty locks are available from Häfele?
  • Glass door locks: Some glass-front kitchen cabinets and glass display cases need special hardware. This company offers 2 types of non-boring locks. One type attaches with a strong adhesive and the other type clamps to the door with set screws. The company also produces an option that screws into the glass with a backplate.
  • Magnetic locks: These locks hold cabinetry closed with magnetic force. One of the advantages of magnetic systems is that you can control them remotely. They can only be used on doors with self-closing hinges or drawers with self-closing slides.
  • Central locking systems: If you want to secure two or more locks by turning one key, you need a central locking system. Some systems are designed to secure two furniture locks at once while others are attached to a long bar that can secure several locks.
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