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Exploring Hardanger Embroidery Kits From the Inside Out

This type of embroidery takes its name from an area of southwestern Norway near the Hardanger Fjord. Kits for Hardanger embroidery are surprisingly difficult to find. Books and patterns are still in print and Hardanger fabric and thread are still made, but kits with everything you need have become scarce items. Don’t give up, though — you can find attractive and interesting Hardanger kits on eBay.

What should you expect to receive in a Hardanger kit?

Kits normally include instructions and a charted pattern, Hardanger fabric, whatever pearl cotton you need to complete the project, and darning needles. You usually have to supply your own embroidery hoops, scissors, and tweezers (for removing loose threads).

What kinds of Hardanger kits are available?

Hardanger kits are especially appealing if you are learning Hardanger embroidery. You can find beginner’s kits with and without cutting. Good examples are some of the easier Christmas Hardanger ornaments kits from Permin of Copenhagen. Christmas decorations are a favorite theme for Hardanger kits, and they are made for a variety of skill levels. You might find kits with Hardanger designs for samplers, table runners, and tray cloths.

Which companies produce Hardanger kits?At the present time, the only company offering a large variety of kits is Permin of Copenhagen. Permin makes some smaller Hardanger kits — bookmarks, pincushions and Christmas Hardanger ornaments — as well as traditional table runners and doilies. They also have a range of kits to make note cards and Christmas cards with Hardanger designs for you to embroider. The Nordic Needle and The Victoria Sampler both offered very attractive kits in the past but don’t seem to be producing them now. The Victoria Sampler once made an entire Hardanger course sold as a kit. Nordic Needle offers an assortment of learning manuals. You may find some of these brands of Hardanger kits on eBay, along with older ones by Zweigart, Bucilla, and some smaller companies.What else do you need to know when searching for these kits?

As mentioned above, Hardanger kits are not that easy to find. Even the eBay list of Hardanger kits is fairly short. eBay is still an excellent place to look, though, since this is where you are most likely to find beautiful kits that are no longer being produced. Do be careful to read listing descriptions carefully, however. Most of the Hardanger embroidery items for sale on eBay are books about Hardanger techniques, not full kits with all the supplies you need for a project.

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