Parches y prendedores de la mansión embrujada (1968-presente)

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Haunted Mansion Patches and Pins

The Haunted Mansion ride opened at Disneyland in 1969, Walt Disney World in 1971, and Tokyo Disneyland in 1983. This attraction, which contains both scary and amusing elements designed by Disney imagineers, takes riders on a journey through a ghost-inhabited house. Souvenir patches and pins commemorate this classic ride.

What characters are featured on Haunted Mansion memorabilia?

This Disney attraction features a number of recognizable characters that are familiar to those who have been on the ride. These characters are featured on patches and other merchandise.

  • The Hitchhiking Ghosts: In the attraction, this trio of ghosts tries to hitch a ride in a Doom Buggy with park visitors.
  • Constance the Bride: Constance Hatchaway, also known as the \"Black Widow Bride,\" is shown in the attraction as a woman whose many husbands all died under suspicious circumstances.
  • Stretching Portraits: Four paintings appear in the Stretching Room before visitors board Doom Buggies. The portraits appear to get bigger before viewers' eyes.
  • Gargoyles: These creepy statues greet guests in the Stretching Room before they board the ride.
  • Jack Skellington: During the fall and early winter seasons, the versions at Disneyland and Tokyo Disneyland receive a \"The Nightmare Before Christmas\" overlay, so Jack Skellington and other movie characters appear on some memorabilia.
  • The Singing Busts: Five head statues provide background music in the graveyard scene of the Disney ride. They sing the Mansion's catchy \"Grim Grinning Ghosts\" song.
  • Madame Leota: During a trip through the creepy manor, riders see this psychic medium is seen inside a crystal ball.
  • The Hatbox Ghost: The original version of the ride at Disneyland featured this character, whose head disappeared from his body and moved into the hatbox he was carrying. The effects were problematic, so the park removed the figure from the attraction, but he maintained an avid following among Disney fans. In 2015, Disney returned this character to his original spot.
What are Mickey-head pin backs?

Collectors often talk about Mickey-head pin backs. Pins used for Disney trading have straight, stick-style pins; this is the only style of pins allowed for official Disney trading in the theme parks. These pins come with a rubber backing so their sharp points do not poke wearers. These rubber backs are black and are shaped like Mickey Mouse heads.

What is a pin collection?

Many pins are released as themed sets. Collectors often try to gather all of the included Disney pins in order to have a complete set. The collections are often released as mystery packs. Park visitors buy a blind bag or box that contains one or two randomly selected items from the mystery set.

A number of collectible sets have been released for this attraction.

  • Glow in the Dark
  • Mickey and Friends
  • 45th Anniversary Mystery Pins
  • 45th Anniversary Hatbox Ghost and Hitchhiking Ghosts
  • Vinylmation Mickey and Friends
  • \"The Nightmare Before Christmas\" Portraits

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