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Mazda Tribute Hoods

Mazda makes high-quality vehicles known for exceptional style and performance. The Mazda Tribute SUV blends sport and comfort with a powerful V6 engine; every model year has a unique exterior design. A crucial component of this unique style is the hood of each Mazda vehicle, and at some point it may be necessary to replace your hood to preserve the style and aerodynamics of your Mazda Tribute.

Why can you not raise the hood of your Tribute?

There are various reasons that the hood of your Mazda Tribute could be stuck. After checking the front seats to see if the release is functioning, you then may need to check the hinges. To do this, you can raise the vehicle and shine a light under the transmission past the engine to check the state of the hinges.

For a broken latch or release cable, you can check your grille with a pair of pliers to manually pull back the hook to open your hood. However, if your Tributes hinges are faulty, you may need to have a mechanic remove the hood for you to gain access to your engine.

Is your Tribute hood interchangeable with other Mazda models?

Every model of Mazda is unique and has a specific style. As such, one hood will not fit in anothers place unless the exact model and year range match. If you are looking to replace your hood with a modified or customized part, check with the manufacturer for correct sizes and measurements. Unlike the seats in your SUV which you can trade for other styles, the hood could be a significant safety issue if it does not fit properly or comes open during a drive due to a poor fit.

How do you replace your Tribute hood?

Unlike the interior components of your Mazda Tribute, exterior parts must be replaced quickly. To remove the hood from your Mazda, you will need to release the lock in front of the driver’s seat. Then, remove the two bolts from each of the hinges. Be careful to remove the water lines before pulling the hood. You may need help to support the weight as you remove the final two bolts.

Once the lines are clear, lift the cover. Then you can install the new hood. Be careful not to tighten the bolts all the way until you lower the hood to be sure it fits correctly and the lines all are straight. You can then raise the hood and fully tighten the bolts and replace the water lines and spouts.