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Hoods for Nissan Maxima

Nissan Maxima Hoods

These items provide your Nissan Maxima with a wide array of hoods and similar accessories that protect your engine and the major components that are situated under the hood. These hoods are available from a large variety of brands that include ICBEAMER, Nissan, and Auto Ventshade. They come in numerous types and materials, providing you with a lot to choose from when making your decision.

What are the different types of hoods and Maxima parts?

There are a variety of parts and hood accessories to select from for your Nissan Maxima, ranging from hood scoops to vents.

  • Hood scoop: This is an upraised component that is sometimes situated on the hood of a Nissan to allow increased airflow to the engine compartment. It is also used on occasion to boost the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle in question.
  • Release cable: This type of cable allows for the opening of the hood of your Nissan Maxima and will replace the current one in your Nissan that is unable to function properly.
  • Hood protector: These are bug and rock shields that you can install on the hood of your Nissan in order to protect the hood from any of these potential issues. These parts are scratch resistant and nearly indestructible.
  • Hood pin: These are small pins that keep the hood buttoned down in the event that the latch stops functioning as it should.
  • Insulation: These parts help to trap heat and reduce the amount of heat flow to the components under the hood.
Which materials are these hoods available in?

These hoods come in two different materials, including aluminum and steel.

  • Aluminum: This is a malleable and flexible metal that is constructed to be lightweight while also being resistant to corrosion. This metal is 100% recyclable and becomes stronger in colder temperatures.
  • Steel: This metal is designed primarily with strength in mind as it is highly durable and resistant to bending and scratching. It also has a substantial amount of impact resistance.
Which colors do these hoods come in?

These hoods for the Nissan Maxima can come in numerous colors, many of which are available in black. Additional colors that are available for these Nissan parts include blue, red, silver, and white. A small selection of these items can also be found in gray, tan, and purple.

How do you keep your Nissan hood clean?

When you are cleaning the hood of your Nissan Maxima or any other portion of the exterior, it is important that you begin by rinsing the vehicle with water in order to remove any of the loose dirt and dust before additional cleaning. Make sure that you use a car washing soap in order to keep the paint in good condition. Although it is optional when washing and cleaning your Nissan Maxima, you might also want to consider polishing the hood, which helps to add a depth of color and a layer of gloss that will have your hood looking shiny and new.