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Scion tC Hoods

The hood covers the engine and adds to the aerodynamics in your Scion tC. Eventually, you may need to replace the hood on your Scion tC should damage or wear occur. Luckily, with a selection of hoods for Scion tC, you can find just the right hood for your needs.

How do you replace the hood on your Scion tC?

Removing the hood from a Scion is a simple and straightforward process. The hinges that support the cover when lifted will have two bolts on either side that can be removed with a metric socket wrench. Ask someone to hold the cover while you remove the bolts to support its weight, and then remove the hood together. Be careful to remove the water lines before removing the hood so that you don’t damage them. Once the spouts are clear, you may lift it up and carry it away from your vehicle.

When replacing the hood, be sure to check the original equipment manufacturer specifications for the exact size needed to match your Scion tC. Hold the new part in place and snug the bolts before tightening them all the way. This way, you can lower the hood to be sure it fits all the lines properly and maintains your Scion’s luxurious look. Once satisfied, replace the water lines and then tighten the bolts completely.

Can you order an OEM scoop for your tC?

Yes, Scion produces front covers with scoops and grilles for your Scion tC. You may find the one that fits and works with the style that you have in mind for your tC. Be sure to check with the manufacturer so that your engine will fit with any modifications to keep your Scion tCs engine protected and functioning properly.

Can you purchase a hood to fit your Scion modifications?

When adding to your engine, it is important to take note of the space you have. A scoop or grille may be necessary to add space. Scion produces parts that allow for modifications to your tC. Be sure to check with the manufacturer, as the coupe models will require very specific measurements in every part for a pristine fit that maintains the look and feel of your vehicle. It may be wise to plan on which type of hood agrees with your style before deciding to modify your car to ensure that you will have room.