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Women's Isotoner Gloves and Mittens

Isotoner gloves are a useful and stylish winter accessory for women. The name comes from a combination of "isometric" and "toning" and was coined to describe the original nylon and spandex gloves with leather trim. The sleek, original design for women's gloves expanded to include many other styles of gloves and mittens for women and men.

What different styles of isotoner gloves are available for women?

The brand has three main categories of gloves for women:

  • Dress: The fashionable design of these women's gloves keeps your hands warm during more formal occasions. The outside of the glove is leather, and it is lined with a thin lining or fleece. Some women's styles have a faux fur cuff. Black is the most prevalent color, although there are a few other options.
  • Casual: These women's gloves are for everyday wear and are available in a wide variety of styles, including mittens and snow gloves. They are made of a variety of materials, including acrylic yarn and waterproof nylon. They are also available in many colors, including yellow, green, and purple.
  • Active: These sporty women's gloves are made with a moisture-wicking lining that breathes, so your hands stay warm and dry while being active outdoors. Styles include normal fingered versions as well as fingerless for detailed work. Several colors are available although black is most common.
Do women's isotoner gloves work with touchscreens?

Thanks to isotoner's patented SmarTouch technology, you can interact with all your touchscreen devices accurately so you don't have to choose between answering your phone and keeping your hands warm. This feature is available on many of the brand's dress gloves, casual gloves, and active gloves.

What technology does isotoner use in women's gloves?
  • SmarTouch: SmarTouch technology allows you to use a touchscreen without having to remove your gloves. This makes it much easier to answer a call or send a quick text message without freezing your fingers.
  • SleekHeat: SleekHeat technology allows women's gloves to be very warm without being bulky. Thanks to a special insulation, these gloves can be compressed, thereby taking up less space in a purse or a bag.
  • SmartDRI: This material draws moisture away from your skin so that your hands remain dry and warm. It can either be used on the outside of the women's gloves to repel water or on the inside of the gloves to move any wetness away from your hands.
Does isotoner manufacture therapeutic gloves for women?

The brand does make fingered and fingerless versions of therapeutic gloves for women who need moderate compression due to edema or another similar health condition. These therapeutic gloves provide 23 to 32 mmHg of pressure depending on the size of your hand.

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