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Get Optimum Support With IZOD Men's Underwear

Back in the day, all that men had to choose from in terms of undergarments were boxers or briefs. There have even been long-winded arguments about which ones are superior. But nowadays, the choices have expanded and present the modern man with a dilemma of which type of men's underwear to stock up on.

What Are the Benefits of Wearing IZOD Boxer Briefs?

  • Best of Both Worlds: Available in all sizes, boxer briefs are a cross between the typical boxer shorts and the typical briefs. This garment combines both to provide you the support of briefs as well as the larger coverage of boxer shorts. This allows you to wear these around in the house when relaxing and lets you slip on any type of pants when you suddenly remember that you have to head out for an errand.
  • Slim and Thin: Boxer briefs are made of a thin material that negates the bunching effect you get with boxer shorts. This slim underwear option is comfortable to wear under skinny jeans and formal slacks. Do note that because boxer briefs cover the thigh and groin area so snugly, it may not be as breathable as boxer shorts.

What Are the Disadvantages of Wearing IZOD Boxer Shorts?

  • Bunching: Boxer shorts are made of cotton or other breathable material that makes it ideal for lounging and relaxing. With this comes the somewhat annoying effect that it bunches up when you're pulling your pants up in a hurry or when you're going about your day frequently switching between sitting and standing positions. This creates bulges around your waist area that can be uncomfortable and awkward-looking.
  • Lack of Support: While boxer shorts have a font fly for convenience, their looseness and airiness make it lack the support required for strenuous physical activities. They are a hard-wearing type of garment, but other than lounging, sleeping, or wearing with baggy pants, they aren't ideal for formal wear and outfits that require a streamlined look. Despite its airiness, tighter sizes may be too constricting and will become uncomfortable.

What Types of Briefs Are Available?

  • Low Rise: This type of men's underwear is cut below the waistline of the hips, about 2 or 3 inches below the navel. It reveals a lot of skin but has ample support for comfort. It has an elastic waistband that maintains the low-wear style easily and can be worn with low waist jeans or workout clothes of any size.
  • Mid-Rise: This underwear has a waistband that sits on the natural waistline and can be worn with dress pants, board shorts, or regular cut jeans.
  • High-Rise: The waistband on this type of underwear sits right below the below the belly button and fits traditionally, effectively streamlining the waist. It's ideal for wearing under high-waist pants.

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