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Hauling heavy equipment around on a day-to-day basis can get tiring and monotonous. Many trailers can’t handle the weight and don’t fit all your needs and equipment. Whatever industry you are in, it is key that you have a cargo trailer that meets your needs and that you don’t have to struggle with.

Enclosed Trailer Sizing

You can find trailers of all sizes ranging from 6-9 feet in width to about 8-20 feet in length. Depending upon what you are hauling there is a trailer that will fit your equipment and ease your hauling struggles. Keep in mind your intended use of the trailer and that you may need one with enough ceiling height to be able to walk in and out of. With the size of whatever trailer you choose, single and tandem axles are available. The number of axles to consider goes in line with the amount of weight that you will be hauling around. If you plan you haul incredibly heavy equipment tandem axles are your best bet to ensure support for your trailer. Lighter loads are fine with single axle trailers.

Trailer Features

Ladder ramps are an important features to any trailer as they help aid in hauling items onto the trailer. Another available feature on most trailers is a lockable toolbox that can stores any chains, straps, or tools that you would need when loading up your trailer. Other features to consider is door placement and what you’re intended use is for the trailer. How you’ll be loading your gear is important to note when thinking of where the door or doors will be and how you can get your gear on and off the trailer.

Enclosed Trailers

Additionally, there are trailers that are enclosed, which can function as a locked space for security when needed. Enclosed trailers can come is a wide variety of sizes serving multiple purposes. They can haul everything from cars and motorcycles to landscaping and construction equipment. Enclosed trailers offer ramp, single and double rear door options along with side cargo doors.

Exposed Trailers

Other available options are exposed and open trailers, which can be incredibly useful for hauling all types of cargo. Open trailers are a great option for small sized landscapers who don’t have a lot of equipment. Tradesman can also utilize exposed trailers to load and haul all of their work equipment.