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Infinity Component Speaker System

Component Speaker System for Your Vehicle from Infinity

Whether you own a two-seater sports car or a multi-passenger van, Infinity has a component speaker system for the audio you want to hear. With so many choices available, you may have questions about speakers for your vehicle. Here is some information to help you choose your vehicle’s audio system.

How do component speakers differ from normal car speakers?

Factory installed audio units as well as aftermarket units combine the tweeter and driver into the same speaker. While this can provide good sound, it does not allow the full effect of each component to reach your ear. By locating the audio output somewhere in the vicinity of your knees, optimal sound often fails to reach the listener’s ear.

Component speakers, however, physically detach the tweeter and bass drivers for a higher sound quality. Tweeters handle the high frequency pitch and require placement directly in front of you for your ear to interpret those sounds. Lower frequencies from the bass cone make its placement flexible if it is still near the tweeter. A crossover combines and sorts out the frequencies and directs the highs to tweeters and the lows to bass cones so that they reach your hearing at the same time.

What are some benefits of component speakers?

Installing these speakers in your vehicle provides clarity of sound for these reasons:

  • Separation of sound: also called imaging, placing the tweeter higher allows you to separate the source of the sound. This means if you are listening to two people singing on a stage, your ear can tell you are hearing two voices standing in different areas of the stage. This accuracy in sound imaging accounts for a vastly improved and enjoyable listening experience.
  • Clarity in tone: The crossover unit plays a big role in tone and clarity. Left to their own interpretation, the tweeters would try to play frequencies it cannot handle, and the woofers would compete to do the same. Crossover units in sound systems act like a conductor by directing each component to handle its assigned tasks and frequencies.
  • Sound stage effect: If you have ever listened to Pink Floyd’s “Time” on a component car audio system, you have heard the sound tumbling from one speaker to the next and back around again. Like a concert stage, raising the tweeters elevates the sound so that you can hear separate instruments along with the full effect of a concert sound. This makes your 2-way component speaker system highly authentic.
How does speaker placement work to create a different sound?

Depending on your vehicle’s configuration, you will need to determine if the tweeters are placed in the A-pillars, sail panels, or your front dashboard. Placement in front of you does not necessarily mean it must be right in front of your face. It is just important to have them facing toward you in some manner.

Placing your woofer cones in your door panels where the factory-installed speakers used to be will provide an effective component system. The small crossover boxes can go wherever space allows, preferably in your doors or dashboard. With Infinity’s woofer cones, the result improves mid to low bass tones and acts to heighten your sensitivity to the entire musical effect. Contrast that with the typical factory-installed speakers somewhere near your shins, and you will realize what a difference a 2-way component speaker system can deliver.

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